Monday, April 16, 2012

Writing Style, Banana Cake & Buddhism

I'm a little late, but day 15 of the writer's challenge asked what my writing style is.

I don't really know if I can label my style, I guess I just write like I speak and speak like you are all my friends who I am all concerned about and love dearly.  I don't really plan my posts, but I hope to start doing so after this writer's challenge is done at the end of April so I can continue to write daily.  I guess I write like I cook; look at what I've got and what I feel like, then put something together.  I don't know, sometimes I feel silly writing as I have many friends and admire many bloggers who are excellent writers and often point out grammatical errors (as does M, thank you dear), but I guess I'm not out to become a professional writer, I just like to share.

I'm still toying with the idea of writing my own recipe book and although confident in the savoury department, I am still practising with desserts. The above is a banana cheesecake which I made from scratch with no recipe; I was so proud! Far from healthy, with 3 blocks of cream cheese, 3 eggs, loads of butter, chocolate, sugar etc, but a great success at our family Easter lunch.  I wish I'd written down exactly what I put in, not useful for someone wanting to write a recipe book. . I've decided the key to a good dessert recipe is to master an unhealthy version first, and then tweak it to be more health friendly from there.  I love healthy cooking as I don't really consider it a challenge to make something with butter, cream, sugar, chocolate etc to taste good - you'd have to be pretty bad to make those ingredients taste bad.

Of course, there is room for cream cheese, butter and sugar in our lives, sometimes.


I have been unwell for a few weeks as you all now know. It makes me sad as I just got everything I ever wanted all lined up nicely; a good job that is super accommodating to uni with a great boss, studying nutrition, getting my blog really active & starting my web site etc. I eat well, as you all know, and I am (well, was 5 weeks ago), fit and quite strong, however I keep getting sick. I'm investigating the possibility that it is partly due to my personality; not that my personality caused me to become ill or that I have done something to make myself ill, but that my hyperactive personality, need to be constantly entertained and need to in a way 'test' my body to see wat it's limits are (after being so stuck for so long several years ago) do not help my situation. So again, I am reading about Buddhism, meditation etc. I am reading "How to Practice; The Way to a Meaningful Life" by the Dalai Lama
(you can buy it here). I like going back to this book as it's a relatively simple read - handy when you're not feeling well.

Every time I read this book it causes me to think about my life and my actions, as books on meditation do, I guess. What I mostly notice is that I need to seriously practice mindfulness, as even reading the book I notice that although I am reading the text, I am simultaneously drinking a cup of tea, thinking about dinner tonight, wondering how M is feeling (he has been unwell too), and wondering when I will be able to return to work. Not good, must practice. I also feel that, even though it may be less than others, I focus on material things too much. I have set myself a personal challenge to buy no 'things' until at least the end of May. I am sad because it means I will miss out on the new gorgeous boots I want (Country Road have a Spend & Save until April 22 and I planned on getting them), but that is part of it. Things I do not need. I remember saying when ill with CFS that I didn't care if I walked around in a potato sack, as long as I could walk around. In addition to the above reading I am also avoiding dairy, eating loads of ginger, meditating, practicing gentle yoga, taking Epsom salt baths and dry body brushing to help recover. I am also taking some vitamins - it may surprise some to know I generally avoid vitamins as I like to get all of my nutrients through food and so far, as per blood tests last week, I have kept healthy vitamin ranges doing this, however on advice with my current situation, I have bought and am taking a few specific ones.

Anyway, after much blab, that is my story today.

I am back off to bed to read more.  It's very hard not to start studying or doing something I consider productive, but there is nothing more productive than working on your health.

I hope you are all well; stay that way!
Nat x

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