Saturday, August 18, 2012

Checking In


I'm not sure what has happened, but I have lost my blogging passion.  It is most likely a result of starting full time work in a job I am finding really challenging and super enjoying, mixed with reading a lot about mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism - something that has affected the way I think much more than I ever thought it would.

But I'm still around..

That was Crown Towers last weekend for M's work function.

I'm still loving everything I've always loved on here, I'm just spending a whole lot more time enjoying it rather than photographing and writing about it (and thinking about how to write about it, or experiencing not-totally-hot breakfasts because I was trying to get the perfect shot).  It's strange.  I guess I don't feel the need to share it right now and I am focusing my energy else where, even if I have received lots of beautiful messages saying they miss my posts (absolutely unexpected and lovely!).

As a result of those lovely messages I decided to come back and just let you know what's happening with me.

As I mentioned, the new job is great.  It's funny how how life works out - I was so, so dead set on becoming an amazing nutritionist, and then within 2 months of study realised it was a personal passion, not a career path passion.  I love supply chain, (I have become a supply chain manager!  Very exciting, for me). I know it's crazy and it's certainly not something I ever thought I'd do when I was younger (let alone know existed), but I love it.  I think I've found my career calling.

I've been battling sinus issues all year.  For anyone who's ever had a serious bout of sinusitis, I feel ya!  My gosh, what a nasty little asshole it is.

As a result, my exercise regime has suffered badly and I feel terrible.  I'm beginning to rectify this weekend starting with M's birthday present to me (be it early), a brand new amazing exercises bike.  Yay!  So excited to start feeling good again.

I've really re-learnt over the past few months how food effects my body and am getting right back into how I was living, eating and exercising when I was recovering from CFS - I know it's not just medications that cured me.  I felt amazing because I was looking after my body amazingly, and I need to get back to that.

Another thing that really changed my mind frame was a good friend of mine, who also suffered through stupid CFS and did the same treatment protocol I did and recovered like me, (my health twin), was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She got on the road to recovery very quickly, which is a huge relief, but this stuff happens to people, people I know, people not very far off my age! I know for a fact that although we can never avoid it all together, we can reduce our risk with the choices we make, and I intend to make the best choices forever from now (well, from about 24 hours after I found out about her diagnosis).

So yes, that's me at the moment.  Nothing super exciting, just enjoying life!

If you want some new health inspiration (and I don't know the person that started this at all, just stumbled upon), maybe take a look at this facebook page, or head over to one of the web sites or blogs listed on the side of this one.

I truly hope you're all healthy, happy and inspired.

Stay well,
Nat x