Saturday, January 28, 2012


Man, have I had an eventful start to the year.

Firstly my blogging has been halted as my poor darling Canon died! She just wouldn't focus which made me incredibly sad. My parents bought me that camera for my birthday one year as I started to recover from that terrible illness (that I've wiped from my mind for the most part). It helped me document my recovery and capture every part of life I found so amazing, from the supermarket aisle's to the beach for the first time. My little camera, if Dad has no luck in a last ditch attempt at fixing her, will be very much missed. 

2 weeks ago I made a huge decision and resigned from my job. My gosh, what a relief. There's a lot of reasons why but basically I realised nothing's worth being unhappy for. M has been incredibly supportive and made the whole process a lot easier. It's scary, you know, quitting your first job and entering the unknown. I currently have a a couple of offers but nothing confirmed or decided yet. All look to make me a lot happier and work around uni, which I start in just under a month and can't flippin' wait! 

I also decided to launch a web site this year, you know, start building my empire. I hope to get that on the road in the next month so you'll be hearing more soon, but basically it's going to be a site that encompasses everything that leads you to a healthy and full life - not just food, but stress management, exercise, holidays, interviews with experts, recipes... the lot. I can't wait to get that show on the road and can't wait to hear your feed back! 

Life is looking good for 2012 and I am super excited. 
You will hear more from me once I regain the ability to take a photo, or start planning my web site... 

Have you any news? 

Stay well, 
Nat x 

 Beautiful photo from flickr.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Californian McDonald's Warning

Jillian Michael's posted this on Twitter;

"Apparently California is requiring a warning label be put on McDonalds food. Like cigarettes. This is why I tell you never to eat this crap or feed it to your kids." - Jillian Michaels. 



Missing in action - my camera is broken! Hopefully I get her off for repairs this weekend.

Stay well, Nat x

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's 2012, freaky much?  I remember standing in a family friend's backyard when the calender struck 2000 and I was only 12, staring at Dad's phone (12 year old's didn't have phones in my day), wondering if it was going to spontaneously com-bust.  

That year, I was full of excitement about starting high school and the beginning of the road on the way to becoming an architect (I wanted to be an architect more than anything until I was 17).  This year, I am excited about starting the journey on the road to the most influential dietitian ever.  You just watch!

This is the first year I've ditched New Years Resolutions.  I've made half-hearted ones in the past, mainly for the sake of it and to have something to proclaim when the clock ticked over, but as a part of my mission to live in the present and always be happy, I decided they were a waste of time.  Why wait for a particular date and time to change a part of your life you're not happy with?  It's just not logical.

Not a resolution, a couple of days ago I noticed how sluggish I am feeling after the holiday period.  I am back to work on Monday after 2 glorious weeks away, and I don't want to start back feeling half asleep and sore, so I've decided to go for the no sugar again.  Why?  I feel so, so much better without it. 

Now I want to share with you an amazing no (cane) sugar product I found yesterday;

Loving Earth
Raw Organic
Coconut Chocolate Butter

Run, don't walk people.  This stuff is amazing, amazing I tell you.  It's made of; organic raw coconut butter, organic raw cocoa powder, organic raw agave syrup and sea salt.  That is it.  Did you ever make chocolate crackles as a kid?  You know the lumpy bits that were mainly just butter and cocoa powder in between the coco pops?  That is what this tastes like.   Gone are the days of my chocolate cravings being quenched by Cadbury!  And get this, apart from being high in calories, (and we all know that's not really an issue if they're from the right place), it's actually good for you!  Cane sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, low GI and vegan, with antioxidants, antibacterial and antifungal properties to boot!

I'll say it once more - run don't walk.
You can purchase here, google it or at any larger sized good health food shop (I got mine at Go Vita).

Try it and tell me you don't love it, I won't believe you.

In other news, last night I initiated creation of parmigiana.  I popped by the ol' web cam for a quick snap with a Semillion in hand (always needed when consuming blue cheese).


My apron is from Provincial and was a gift from Mum when I moved in/out.  Wine glasses are Alex Liddy (too fine, I have broken .. 5 .. ), t-shirt from Saba and necklace from Tiffany & Co.

I love listing everything on me for no good reason.

Enough of the blubber, Happy New Year!  Here's to more happiness, health & good food.

Stay well, 
Nat x