Friday, January 13, 2012

Californian McDonald's Warning

Jillian Michael's posted this on Twitter;

"Apparently California is requiring a warning label be put on McDonalds food. Like cigarettes. This is why I tell you never to eat this crap or feed it to your kids." - Jillian Michaels. 



Missing in action - my camera is broken! Hopefully I get her off for repairs this weekend.

Stay well, Nat x


  1. There has actually not been any conclusive evidence that acrylamide causes cancer in humans.
    But despite that,it occurs naturally in lots of starchy foods, potato obviously being one. It can also be apparent in coffee, and certain wheat based cereals, sweet biscuits and bread.
    It is my understanding that these signs were everywhere in California due to some legislation being passed: even sand had warning on it that it could kill you.

    Anyway, I wouldn't be too alarmed as there's not even evidence linking that chemical to causing cancer in humans. Although it has been suggested to limit exposure. It all depends on the temperature the food is stored and. Cooked at.

  2. Hi Michaela - a good point to make is that I in fact have no knowledge whatsoever of acrylamide, I just jumped at the change to warn people off this 'food', which I know is bad for you for so many other different reasons.

    Sadly there are a lot of things that aren't proven to cause disease that people avoid because one study in the back of nowhere had a 2% correlation. I will make a point of reading up about acrylamide.

    Thank you :)

    1. Oh I totally agree, McDonald's is awful!! The sodium content alone is terrifying!
      I just thought I'd comment because I think though that if we're warning against a particular food it should be for the right reasons. I'm so not a fan of fear mongering, I don't believe it achieves anything!
      Please don't take this though as me saying you're at fault, because I love your blogs and find it incredibly interesting!

  3. If I didn't want comments, I wouldn't put my thoughts on the internet ;)
    You make good points!

  4. I think every parent should see this!!!

  5. I saw this the other day, so awful.

    But really i'd like to say .. thank you for the kind comment you left haha! Made my day xx