Saturday, January 28, 2012


Man, have I had an eventful start to the year.

Firstly my blogging has been halted as my poor darling Canon died! She just wouldn't focus which made me incredibly sad. My parents bought me that camera for my birthday one year as I started to recover from that terrible illness (that I've wiped from my mind for the most part). It helped me document my recovery and capture every part of life I found so amazing, from the supermarket aisle's to the beach for the first time. My little camera, if Dad has no luck in a last ditch attempt at fixing her, will be very much missed. 

2 weeks ago I made a huge decision and resigned from my job. My gosh, what a relief. There's a lot of reasons why but basically I realised nothing's worth being unhappy for. M has been incredibly supportive and made the whole process a lot easier. It's scary, you know, quitting your first job and entering the unknown. I currently have a a couple of offers but nothing confirmed or decided yet. All look to make me a lot happier and work around uni, which I start in just under a month and can't flippin' wait! 

I also decided to launch a web site this year, you know, start building my empire. I hope to get that on the road in the next month so you'll be hearing more soon, but basically it's going to be a site that encompasses everything that leads you to a healthy and full life - not just food, but stress management, exercise, holidays, interviews with experts, recipes... the lot. I can't wait to get that show on the road and can't wait to hear your feed back! 

Life is looking good for 2012 and I am super excited. 
You will hear more from me once I regain the ability to take a photo, or start planning my web site... 

Have you any news? 

Stay well, 
Nat x 

 Beautiful photo from flickr.


  1. Eep sounds like adventure, excitement and wonder lie in the path ahead :) I look forward to following your journey :)

  2. Yay for quitting your job! Scary, I know, but I'm sure only good things will come from making that decision. Can't wait to see the new website! xxx

  3. I'd love to hear how you're finding the nutrition course when it starts! We might be doing to same degree :) I wish you the best of luck in this transition & totally agree with you... do things which make you happy! xo

  4. Very exciting about your new website! I can't wait till it goes live!! I totally know what you mean about a change in life - I just moved 3,500km + to a new town, new job, new friends - the lot! It's scary and exciting all at the same time!