Thank you for taking a look at my beloved blog, Lemon Living. I've had a few people Tweet & Facebook me sad that they have been unable to contact me directly, so I thought it best to share my email with you. You can contact me at - I will endeavor to get back to you within 24 hours.

In regards to paid advertising, product reviews and the like, I am happy to have a go and open to anything, however I will always inform my readers that the product was sent to me and I will always be honest.  Yes, that means I will not tell the world the new fast food thick shake is the new super food of the world.  Sorry.

Yes, I did have CFS/ME.  The treatment that I was on is called the Marshall Protocol - click here to read about it.  Please note I am no longer familiar with the treatment and although I think the team behind it is brilliant, I can offer you little to no advice on it. Please read the web site to form your own opinion and talk to your Doctor to make a decision.  

The views expressed on this blog are mine and mine only.  I do not represent any other person or brand.  If you do have concerns about your diet, health or anything else regarding to your well being, the first thing I always suggest is to see a health professional.  

If you wish to use any images featured on this blog, kindly contact me first at the above email address.

Thanks & look forward to connecting with you!

Nat x

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