Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Healthy Meals - Tuna Pasta

So, as you know, I always eat healthy and I'm often asked for meal ideas or asked exactly what it is I do.  I don't eat salad every day (in fact, I hardly ever eat 'salad' as I can't stand it for the most part), or live on a diet of eggs and boiled vegetables.  I eat real, every day food, I just make it healthier.  Any recipe can be tweaked to be a bit, or a lot, healthier; you just have to be creative!

So I've decided to start sharing my ever day meals more often.  I don't have quantities because I never use recipes, so bear with me, put more or less of what you do or don't like, and just trust your instinct.

Starting with;

Tuna Pasta

An onion, diced
A clove of garlic, crushed
Touch of olive oil (half a tablespoon or so)
Small can of tuna in springwater
Green olives (pimientos), cut in half
A few capers
Canned diced tomatoes
Tablespoon of tomato paste
Salt and Pepper (to taste)

 - Fry the onion in some oil until starting to brown (add water if it gets too dry) 
- Add garlic, fry for further minute 
- Add about half a can of tomatoes and the tomato paste 
- Add olives and capers 
- Cook until sauce is reduced to about a third of what it was, or until it no longer tastes acidic. Add water if it gets too dry (not extra oil!)
- Add the tuna 2 minutes before serving 
- Season with salt and pepper Meanwhile; 
- Cook about 40 grams of wholemeal, spelt or buckwheat pasta (or brown rice, or quinoa, or whatever you fancy) according to packet instructions. 

 Put together by stirring the cooked pasta or rice through the sauce, and serve in a small bowl.



The point of this meal is that is squashes the pasta craving with minimal pasta, keeps you full with the protein from the tuna and tastes amazing with the Italian-inspired tomato sauce.  The most important thing with Italian sauces?  Cook for as long as possible!

Try always serving your smaller healthy meals in a small bowl so the bowl looks super full. Believe it or not, you'll feel fuller.

Let me know if you try it!

Stay well, 
Nat x