Thursday, April 19, 2012

Join me for Dinner....

5 Dinner Guests. Who are 5 people you’d love to have dinner with (living or deceased) and why? 

1 & 2. My late grandparents 
They both passed before I was born which, even though I am eternally grateful to still know my other grandparents, is still something I always think about - especially as growing up my parents always said my late grandmother would have loved me and that we had a similar sense of humour.

3. The Dalai Lama 

He would have a translator with him, but I really just want to hear him speak. It is a huge regret of mine that I didn't go to hear him speak when he was in Melbourne last year. I would love to have a conversation with him and learn from him. I am not a Buddhist, but I think the way they live is beautiful and he would be the pinnacle of that.

4. Janella Purcell 

How could I not want to have the woman who inspired me to be so interested in health at the table? I'd need her there so I could work hard at becoming her friend and then spend many evenings cooking up a storm with her and listening to her infinite knowledge.

5. Heston Blumenthal 

This man is a genius, and a self taught one at that. He would have to work with Janella to cook for the night, of course. I'd love to be around somebody that passionate about food.  

Five is not enough - what about Jamie Oliver, Coco Chanel... actually I'm not even going to play that game or I will be typing names until midnight. 

I'm a bit sad today as I've been unwell for so long and as a result am quite behind at uni. Wish me luck for the new theory my Doctor has on how to get rid of this!


As a result, I am seriously craving a weekend away... maybe later in the year.

See you tomorrow! 

Stay well, 
Nat x

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