Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rainy Day Catch-Up

Before I say anything at all, I recieved a lot of lovely messages with advice on what to do for sinusitis. You're all absolutely beautiful and I can't thank you enough. I literally have tried every single suggestion (except for a honey & onion suggestion which I keep forgetting to set up) and I super appreciate you taking the time to write them down for me. Sadly, as yet, none of them have provided anything but temporary relief. I did not know a nose could hurt this much and affect the rest of the body so much. I went and had a chat to my manager yesterday morning about what's going on and she was pretty amazingly understanding, so I now feel a lot less stressed about the urgency to get better & am taking it easy. Yes, I am a stress head, I can't help it! I wish I'd had all this time off to do something I enjoy. I certainly haven't had a month, (yes, a month!) off since I was home sick years ago. I wish I was able to enjoy it.

Onto the catch up.. the above is the reason I haven't been posting daily. Yesterday I was writing a uni lab report for 5 hours (it took so long as I felt so horrible) and I had no more will to be on the computer. It's hard because I've lost my appetite as the sinuses are affecting my stomach, so I constantly feel queasy and weak, even if I am forcing meals down.

The first post missed.. day 22;
 "The Things We Forget. Visit http://thingsweforget.blogspot.com/ and make your own version of a short memo reminder. Where would you post it?"


Ok so, if you can generate a post-it in that blog, I didn't have the patience to find out how. Isn't my mouse-writing adorable? I hate all fonts that attempt to resemble hand writing so this was my only option. As Natalie, queen of stress, who is seriously trying to curb the nasty habit (this blog and my soon to be web site are helping me explore ways of reducing it), I would stick this to my forehead. Wait, no, I can't see my own forehead - perhaps my right hand. I've never been good at relaxing and really do need this constant reminder.

Day 23 asked me to talk about anything I like, so I will share with you some lunches I've been eating while unwell. I've become obsessed with green vegetables and have not been very hungry. Also, apart from the energy being used to recover and fight this off, I've hardly been moving, so I haven't felt like I've needed as much food. Rest assured, some sort of carb in the afternoon followed these to keep my body strong (vitawheats, some toast, oats or rice have been choice. I go for basmati when unwell, I can't stand brown when my tummy is upset for some reason).

Here are the lunches.  Not especially inspiring and all quite similar...


 Day 24 (Gosh, is it the 24th of April already?!) 
 "Health Mascot. Give yourself, your condition, or your health focus a mascot"

How silly. Well, this is Mr. Lemon I guess (created from this flickr image). He is a fictional character that represents all things clean, simple, whole, natural and balanced. All he wants is the best for everyone around him. He doesn't need much but gives a lot. He's adaptable. He is strong inside and out, and very thick-skinned. He isn't concerned with how he looks, but more with how he performs. Yes, I am talking about a lemon man I drew in a picture... I feel very silly blogging today.

In other news, I may have sinusitis that has stopped my day to day life for a month and feel terrible, but today I am sipping green tea in my PJs, blogging, while it is freezing and mostly raining outside. Lady Melbourne must have noticed the weather, too, as she posted this lovely print which you can purchase (here) on Etsy;


 I'll leave you with that. Enjoy your Tuesday version of Friday! Stay well, Nat x
PS.  If you are looking for Anzac day cooking inspiration, but, like me, don't much care for the biscuits, check out Heidi's blog for a yummy Anzac day breakfast parfait.  I seriously wish I was not avoiding dairy right now!


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  1. That does not sound fun - I hope you start feeling better. Your meals look so good!