Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dream Day / Day Dream

Ahhh, how perfect is the weather in Melbourne town at the moment?

Today I am required to write about my dream day..

 My Dream Day. Describe your ideal day. How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not – how could you make it happen?|

I have many ideal days, some involve the Yarra Valley, some involve absolutely nothing, and some involve the following.....

My ideal day has weather of about 33 degrees, sunny and no wind.

First thing in the morning I would wake up and go for a swim in the ocean.

Then I would head out to brunch with all my girlfriends somewhere by the beach, even if it was just Williamstown, and I would dine on stewed fruit, muesli and yoghurt - seeing as it's an ideal day, the cafe would not have added 3kgs of sugar to the fruit as they usually do, and the yoghurt would be something organic and natural, but insanely creamy tasting.  Yum.

I'd spend the rest of the morning strolling in the sunshine window shopping.

I'd meet my immediate family for lunch at Villa Romana in Lygon St, Carlton (my favourite), and eat a seafood dish there (if you go, the spaghetti Scoglio (which I'm not sure how to spell) in the seafood section of the menu is amazing).  I would dine on one of the seafood dishes, drink crisp white wine and finish with coffee at Brunetti's.

In the afternoon, I would meet M and we would head to Vic Market and pick up beautiful French cheeses, fresh breads, home made dips, olives and some fresh fish.  On the way home, we'd stop and pick up some French champagne and a good bottle of Cab Sav.  We'd prepare the food into platters and cook the fish and sit on the couch, eating, while watching amazing cooking shows that tour beautiful regions.  Afterwards, we'd head into the kitchen and make a dessert, like creme caramel together, followed by more wine and cheese.

I've never had this day and I guess I could make it happen with very careful orchestration, but it would be hard!

What will my day actually involve?

More rest!  I am bored and desperate to go back to work so I need my glands to stop impersonating golf balls.

Enjoy your weekend & stay well,
Nat x

PS.  Photo's courtesy of my backyard as I got some sunshine this week.  As you can tell, she needs serious work and this will hopefully happen in the coming months!

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  1. Your day sounds like my ideal day too!

    Have a beautiful weekend (or what is left of it)

    J x