Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Week in Food (& Challenges)

I have been MIA the past couple of days.  Wait, no, that's a lie - to be MIA I'd probably have to be involved in some 'action', and the only action I'm currently involved in is the making of lemon, ginger & honey tea.  Especially annoying is that I was super looking forward to an old friend's engagement party tonight.

Home remedies for sinusitis, anyone?

Sadly, I've discovered a cheese plate cannot cure me.
Maybe because I'm avoiding alcohol while sick.. maybe Champagne can cure me!  Maybe..


Let me start with the day 20 Challenge which was to write about a Miracle Cure.

I found this really challenging.  Of course, my defaulting brain turns to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME, as I suffered from it and know that there is no one size fits all cure, if there is in fact any cures out there at all.  Then that brings me to think of all the other chronic illnesses out there where people are left suffering for years and years with no end - Lyme and Fibromyalgia would be just two of these.  Then, of course, I think of the insane amount of terminal illnesses, or cancer.. the list is endless.  There is no way I could say that any illness is more deserving of a cure than another.  I know the challenge wasn't asking me to do so, but it was the reason I couldn't write an article.


Vaccination News 
A Melbourne University team has made a miraculous discovery whilst working to create an evolving vaccination for the yearly mutating form of influenza.  The students, all doing their PhD in Amazing Fake Sciencec, think they have unlocked the secret to stopping the body's ability to fall ill.  Although still in the early stages, this could be the beginning of the human body remaining in pristine form, only subject to aging.  More to come....

(DISCLAIMER;  This did not actually happen and is completely false!  But in the words of Cadbury; Wouldn't it be nice?)

It's all I've got.

And now for my 
Week in Food

Fish Stew sort of thing I made as a sharing plate for M & I, with olive bread & polenta

Traditional brekky from M's parents for their Easter

Peanut Butter Cookies in the foreground and Spiced Apple Teacake behind - two of last week's baked goods.

Cabbage Rolls from M's family (vegie ones just for me, yummy) and cauliflower puree from me.

This was a creamy pumpkin & asparagus pasta I created last week.  Very healthy - recipe still being tweaked.

Went vegan for a few days - soaked oats (water) with berries, pecans and pure maple syrup.

Had to get a prescription and got this on my way out.  I dunno about sushi..

So, seriously, tips for a sinus infection?  I am going mental!   The antibiotics did not work and I am onto sprays.  Ugh.

I'll squeeze in day 21 between lab report writing tomorrow.  Have you ever written a report with a giant sinus headache?  Not fun!  This blog post took serious lengths of time, too.

Soon, I will conquer the world with my not-sore-sinuses.  I should get an NSS cape.

See?  Gone mad.

Stay well!
Nat x


  1. How did the saline solution go!?
    I have chronic sinusitis (thanks ED) and have to take a daily nasal spray medication for it, so I completely understand how horrible the headaches are, especially when you have stuff to do!

    I've always found though nasal sprays are better than tablets, because it treats it at the source. They're more uncomfortable, sure, but they work better!

    1. Hey Hun - good! But apparently I had it way too strong & went to the chemist to buy a spray, but it didn't work the same so I did my strong stuff again and the effect is gone. It's so painful, and it's making me nauseas and everything too now. Driving me nuts.

      I've got too types of spray to no avail.. ugh

      Do you get nausea if you don't treat it?

    2. Oh no!!
      I don't think I've had nausea with it...I just get incredibly painful headaches - J has almost called an ambulance for me a few times because of how in pain I was.

      Obviously I'm not a DR, so shouldn't be recommending treatments haha, but when I have an "attack" I take anti-inflammatorys and double the dose of my medication (it's called Nasonex, but it's like $50 a's a steroid used for treating rhinosinusitis and allergies by reducing inflammation or something. But I also use it in conjunction with asthma medication to treat that...). However, becuase it is so expensive, the last time I had an attack, I'd run out of it, and couldn't afford to buy more. J picked me up one of the sinusitis nasal sprays from Coles and it actually really helped to ease the pain. so maybe try that? Although you're probably sick of snorting things by now hahaha.

      I remember you saying you already had a course of antibiotics so is it possible that maybe you're having this because of allergies? I know that with all the rain lately, my hayfever has acted up like crazy. Maybe speak to your dr about this possibility and they could recommend some anti-histamines or something as well?
      But anti-inflammatorys are definitely helpful since sinusitis is inflammation..

  2. I hear ya Nat, have been fighting a cold for the best part of last week, and it finally caught me - literally did not leave the house today. Mainlining honey/lemon/ginger tea.
    For sinus infections I swear, SWEAR by my netti pot - do you have one? Little plastic pot from the chemist with a long spout - fill with warm salty water, inset spout into one nostril, tilt head sideways over sink and cry with pure relief as the warm, salty water runs through your sinuses and soothes and clears. Repeat on other nostril. Magic.
    Hope you feel better soon xx

    1. I haven't really left the house in about a month, apart from grocery trips etc with the boyfriend. Driving me nuts!
      I don't have a netti pot but I have the saline spray, is it the same sort of thing? Maybe I will ask the boyfriend to get me one..
      Thank you xxx

    2. I find the netti pot better than the saline spray, it gives me more relief, because it washes out the sinuses completely plus the warm water is SO soothing. Feels totally bizarre the first time, and do NOT laugh whilst using it (did this once because V made me giggle and nearly choked LOL) xx