Thursday, April 12, 2012

This Morning I Looked in the Mirror...

Today, the Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge (day 12, already!), has asked me to babble, or as they put it, (much more elegantly), 'Stream of consciousness'.  All I have to do is start with the given sentence - which I have also used as the subject for this post, and write without editing until I stop, and post.  I can do that, right?  OK..

This morning I looked in the mirror.  My hair was messy; I knew that cutting it short would result in bed hair that looks like I've been running side ways really fast for days.  I had a bit of dark circle going on under my eyes and a big red dot on the end of my nose which prompted me to sing 'Rudolph the red nose reindeer' for the remainder of the morning.  I had pink, stripey Peter Alexander pyjamas on which I've had for years, and decided that I didn't need to be rugging up this much at night yet as it's really not that cold.  M seems to think putting the heater on is necessary regardless of temperature when you are unwell (as we both are), so I made a conscious decision to wear lighter pjs tonight.  I look at my eyebrows, my gosh they need preening, too bad I am sick and can't be bothered.  My lip is cracked on the bottom, this explains the small dot of blood on my otherwise pure white bed linen.  Curse you, mega cold.

I thought of what the day ahead was bringing; nothing.  I am still unwell with The Virus from Hell and my only duty today is to get to my Doctor's appointment at 9am. I hope that the online booking system my doctor's clinic has introduced is reliable and that I'm not up at 7.30am (big deal when you're not well!) to be told my appointment did not come through.  I wonder what the results of my blood test will say and then set off down the hall to our second bathroom, my bathroom, to shower.

I hope we have hot water; M noticed a light flashing on our hot water unit yesterday with a lovely bit of text that reads 'Error' right underneath it yesterday.  A service man is coming today to look at it but we don't know what time.   I scrunch up my eyebrows for a second thinking about the possibility that he will turn up while I'm at the doctor's, but quickly decide health is more important.  The hot water is running fine, anyway.  

Out of the shower, mirror, again.  No exercise in 6 weeks really does have an effect on your body.  Can't wait to get back into it.  Notice the tan on my arms again and wonder where it came from; I am usually the last to tan.  Man, I feel terrible, paracetemol is needed ASAP.

Back to the mirror.  What is an acceptable amount of make up to wear to the doctor?  Do I not wear make up at all, because I am meant to look sick?  A bit of concealer and some cream blush later, I am happy that I look at least a little human if I have to head to the chemist for a script.  

Breakfast is not wanted, I have totally lost my appetite, but not eating is never a good option.  Home made muesli, a mix of greek and jalna vanilla yoghurt, some berries and a wheat biscuit are put into a little bowl.  Stomach is not liking this, but I don't care.  Maybe a peppermint tea will help it go down.  Not really.

Oddly captivated by Dancing with the Stars cast on Sunrise.  I've never heard of Vogue Williams, have you?  Or am I uncool?

Jeans, grey cotton top, bonds hoodie, boots and a scarf - I am out the door.  Driving does not feel good, mainly want to go to sleep.
3 minutes in the waiting room and Sonia Krueger is on the Today Show.  She's such a scrawny looking thing.  A lady across from me looks a whole lot sicker than I feel.  Note to self; stop wallowing.

Doctor is up beat as always and tells me I have a virus, secondary sinusitis and need to rest a lot and treat my body really well; eat good food, relax, etc.  Gives me antibiotics for the sinusitis and a medical certificate for another week, next week, just in case.  Bloods are normal.  Happy with this.

Off to the pharmacy, thank goodness I put on that concealer and cream blush.  10 minute wait.  Browse pharmacy aisles looking for Epsom bath salts.  I can't find any and can't be bothered asking anyone as I feel like rubbish.  I buy some eucalyptus oil instead; a whole $4, who would have thought it'd be so cheap?  Stare at new Revlon lipstick for a little too long, decide it's a bad idea as I don't have any sick leave so all this time, I am not being paid.  Go to news agency to look at magazines.  The Vogue Australia cover is pretty, and I want a holiday mag too.  Ooo, the Women's Health Training Guide looks fun, if it's anything like the Men's Health one I got my brother at Christmas, it'll be great.  Grazia has a bumper issue, what is in Grazia, anyway?  Harpers is huge.

Decide all magazines are a waste of money and am sad the the shop assistant didn't smile back when I smiled at her.  Must be because I look like crap.

"Natalie, your script is ready".  Time - ing!  I'll take this Eucalyptus oil too.  Oh crap, I just walked into the news agency with that, didn't I?  Oops.

Driving home, what an absolutely gorgeous day.  If I didn't feel like a rubbish tip, I'd go for the longest run.  I wonder how unfit I am after 6 weeks of no exercise.. I wonder if I'll be able to go back to lifting the same weights.  Mental note; start easing into work outs at home before returning to the gym.  Sad when I realise I had to suspend my gym membership.  

Love coming home to kitty greetings.  Can I take my antibiotic?  Need an empty stomach, another hour of waiting.  Take kitties for a walk in the back yard and sit in the sun.  Curse at another beautiful day being spent inside.  Damn you sinusitis/virus/run down, whatever you are.

 Heidi @ applesundermybed
Come in, the internet is boring, or I'm just not feeling it.  Read about Easter bun's Heidi made, want Easter buns, go to snack on something and realise I can't, waiting for antibiotic to have an empty stomach to rest on.  Boring.

Hot water service man comes.  Stand awkwardly in the garage after he fails to respond to pathetic conversation about the weather.  7 minutes later I pay $132 and get told my solar panels weren't connected.  Sad, but happy that our bills should now be less.

Time for antibiotic.  I am hungry.  30 more minutes until snack time.

Into my bedroom at the back of the house, which is sort of like my study - books & two desks.  Cruise around the Primped web site for a while wishing I had thousands to spend on beauty products.  Miss having stuff I don't need.  Tell myself it's just stuff and think back to when I was very sick years ago.  Promise myself when I get rid of this virus, I will live it up in new and exciting ways.

Half a piece of toast with natural peanut butter and some honey hits the spot, too close to lunch time to eat any more.

Back here, blogging time.  What is the topic for today?  How am I going to write anything interesting about that?

That's right, I'm not.

Did you read all that?  Really?  Go out & enjoy the sunshine!

Stay well,
Nat x

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  1. Hey Nat, I read it all, always do. Feel better sweetie. I am sick today as well, and the sun is shining here but it is cold .. am about to nap again. Feel lazy and sleepy, SO a nap it is.
    hope you are soon over your virus/thingy and can get back to work and Uni.

    1. Thank you Chris! I think I'm going to wander around the backyard in the sunshine and call it a walk. Enjoy your nap x

  2. Natalie I can't tell you how much I love reading your blog, I find it inspiring and even when you're unwell you are still positive and engaging. I hope that you start to feel better soon you poor thing. I know when I have a run down patch (or even just get a virus that everyone gets from time to time, not just an ME specific thing!!) that I think the exact same thing as you about dressing for the doctors!! Hehe. May your recovery from this be quick and you feel back to your good health soon xx

    1. That made me smile Courtney! I try, but I promise I am a lot more positive on paper (blog..) than I am in real life. We all have rough moments. We can't help it, we're female! Thank you! I'm all about resting and good food right now x

  3. haha I did read it all! I actually really liked the narrative. hating that you're still unwell. Are you ginger & garlicing it up? of course you are, I remember you saying you were. Are your vitamin D levels ok? Thanks for the link, lovely :)
    Heidi xo