Friday, April 13, 2012

10 Things I Love

For Day 13 of the writer's challenge..

10 Things 

 (that I need or love the most) 

My Health

 That is me, on our private rooftop in Port Douglas, with the timer on the camera while I jumped up and down trying to get a photo. I may or may not have been yelling, "I'm Healthy, SUCK IT!" at the time. Yup..

My Family

 Food & Wine


 M (my partner of 10.5 years, for newbies)

 I'd love to show you a hundred pictures of my favourite man, but he's not a fan of his mug being on the internet.



 I have a close group of friends and then some few extra's I met online who I cherish. They're not all above, but I hope they all know who they are.


 In particular my darling soul mate, Rama, who is my best friend & took care of me while I was sick; he was left at Mum & Dad's house, and M & I's two boys, Buckley & Munro (Bucks & Munters).
 When people say animals are good for you, listen to them.


 From reading the books researching it to feeding people I love. I freakin' love cooking, even more than I love eating. It's relaxing and rewarding and it's everything to me.

 Weekends Away

 A change of scenery always does me a world of good, even when it is only a 2 hour drive down the road for 3 nights, I love the break.


 Only discovered about 2 years ago that it is just as relaxing as cooking, when done right.

 The Beach

 The most relaxing place on earth; I feel like I belong at the beach. I have a massive attachment to water.

Books & Reading

Books on paper, please, none of this screen rubbish. I either read cook books, read for knowledge or go on the complete opposite end of the scale and pick up magazines & chic lit.

Gosh I hope i didn't miss anything/anyone!

Stay well, 
Nat x


  1. Lovely :) I adore the beach too. I miss it! I get such less beach time now I'm grown up.
    Heidi xo

  2. I miss it too, lucky for me the boyfriend's parents have a beach house not too far for a weekend away x