Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week in Food / Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge

Happy April!  1/4 of the year down, so far, so good!

As I've previously mentioned, I'll be participating in the Health Activist Writer's Month challenge. Basically, I've accepted the challenge to write a post a day for a month about the topic WEGO Health has set. You can check out the WEGO Health site here, their Facebook page here, or check out hashtag #HAWMC on Twitter.

Today's topic;
"Pretend you’re making a time capsule of you & your health focus that won’t be opened until 2112. What’s in it? What would people think of it when they found it?"

My capsule would have my Janella Purcell books, as her way of cooking and living is what I am striving for constantly and she inspired me to get into nutrition in the first place. It would also contain some Stevia, Agave Nectar, Coconut Sugar, Pure Maple Syrup etc, to reflect my current mission to not feel the need for sugar on a weekly basis.  It would contain the URL for my new web site (hopefully launching beginning of May!), as that is where all my thoughts would be and it would be interesting to see how it'd grown. I'd also stick a McDonald's Big Mac in there to see if it's true that they don't really ever go off... ew. 

I'm not sure what people would think when they found it, probably that I was crazy because by 2112, we will know SO much more about health, nutrition and food etc.  It would be naive to think we won't.  A part of my brain constantly thinks that going back to basics as the trend is now, (tracking back in time to find the way way to eat), will eventually go out of fashion and we will come back to the technology we use for everything else - food engineered to be easily digestible and best for us that mimics nature. Who knows? The future excites me!

Check back in tomorrow when I talk about a quote that inspires me....

Now for my Week in Food....

Where I made my first ever Hot Cross Buns.

They needed more spice and more fruit, but they were good for a first go.  I was sad that my criss-crosses disappeared.
I was sad to hear many kids won't be eating hot cross buns or Easter eggs this coming weekend as they contain sugar.  OK, if not giving any sugar to your kids is that important that's OK and I support that, at least offer an alternative that mimics the bun or egg; don't offer carrots instead (I seriously heard people say this; because 'bunnies eat carrots too'.)

Spicy Lentil Soup
Onion, garlic, ginger, chilli, diced carrot, rind of 1 lemon - fry off.  Add red lentils, canned tomatoes and some reduced salt vegetable stock, cook until lentils are tender.  Add spinach and cook for 2 more minutes.  Finish off with a squeeze of lemon juice.  Super tasty & good for the cold I've had for 4.8 million years (ie. 3 weeks).

The Easiest Curry Ever
Just add onions, garlic, cumin, ginger, sweet potatoes and chick peas to those cans.  That is by far my favourite packaged curry paste but go easy; it is hot.

Stuff that lived on my kitchen bench all week

Yesterday M & I went to the Flower & Garden show.  It was stunning, but I still have this cold (as does half of Melbourne, well, at least around where I live), and wasn't as enjoyable as it could have been as a result.  It still made me desperately want a larger block to have a bigger garden, though.  We are doing our garden in the coming months, so a lot of inspiration was taken (excessive plants randomly planted, please).

Hello, I also cut my hair off.

Love this, want this in our garden.

So I guess I'll see you tomorrow.. anyone else participating in HAWMC?

I have a physiology test tomorrow and I've got a good day of study ahead of me.. then my next few weeks are pretty cruise-y, a lot of catch up study and revision, and hopefully a lot of work on my web site.

Stay well, (& check back tomorrow)
Nat x


  1. Love your hair, Nat. Really suits you. Would love to see some photos of your garden after you've tackled it too. We're gearing up to overhaul ours and always seeking inspiration! Xo

  2. Thanks Sally! I will definitely do before & after pictures, but it will be a long process!

  3. Agreed - your hair looks fab!! Love your time capsule list. You're right things will be so different 2112! I wonder if food will be in capsule form by then (like in all the movies hehe. wouldn't that be awful)?? Love your eats, especially impressed with the hot cross buns. We'll be making ours on Sunday for the first time (gah! so excited!).
    Good luck for your test, lovely.
    Heidi xo

  4. Hey Nat! Love your blog and the more frequent updates :) Just wondering if you could post the ingredients for your miso soup and what veggies you used in your 'brown rice with veggies, lentils and a can of salmon"?

  5. hair cut looks great! did you decide to do blonde as well?

    for the buns, did you pipe the crosses before or after the proofing? try making the cross mix quite thick next time.

    I will make some buns on Friday I think!

  6. i made hot cross buns on the weekend - my first ones. mine didn't look as 'fluffy' as yours - and admittedly were a bit 'dense' and needed more spice added. my crosses stayed on though!

  7. Thanks Heidi & Bec, wanting shorter now! Hairdresser won't let e go blonde as my hair is very fine & I don't have much of it - she thinks it will ruin it. So a bit lighter in the future, but not blonde (sadly).

    Miso - Tofu, broccoli and mushrooms, bok choy if I have it or sometimes spinach, and about 1 heaped tbsp of miso paste to 2 servings of soup, but you just have to taste it and see how you like it.
    Brown rice with lentils and veg I cannot remember? I usually jsut out whatever I have, I love using things like cauliflower as it makes it seem bulkier and heavier without extra calories (I love having a big bowl full, can't stand the visual of a small meal). I know I put spinach in it too.

    Ali - at least your crosses stayed on! I have since received good advice that my paste may have been too runny. Next time! I think I might have to make some 'fruit buns' through the year.