Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Things I Am Good At

This is inspired by a mix of the below picture found on somebody's tumblr, all the readings I have been doing on meditation & mindfulness, my current life circumstances, all the thinking that is resulting from that.  Well, I guess that's why I felt the urge to do this.

I think everyone could have a list like the below.  I wanted to write mine down so I could actually refer back to it.  I am always subconsciously working on changing some of them.

Things I Am Good At

- Being indecisive
- Always being annoyingly on time
- Planning for things that can't or won't happen
- Being consumed with the future or the past
- Wondering what the grass on the other side is like
- Wishing
- Worrying, worrying, worrying
- Getting frustrated at myself
- Cooking
- Wanting objects 
- Being insanely disciplined at any cost
- Making lists

(beautiful artwork from this amazing illustrator)

So much thinking is happening in my brain at the moment, but I like it and have no desire to silence it.  Remember computers in the early 90's?  When they had to process something they'd make that strange, almost grinding noise from their hard drive?  My brain is totally doing that.  It's also producing some crazy-ass dreams.  

What would be included on your list?

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. Nice list! I'm also always on time, commuting to uni I have to be now- if I miss my train it might be an hour wait! I probably think about the future too much as well, but I need to enjoy now as well :) And I am! x

    1. omg i hate those hour-long waits for the train! they need to make them more frequent on the south coast line!!

      I like this idea. I like lists, haa.