Friday, May 25, 2012

Fears & Dreams.


I had a big post written about the the above image, but decided to delete it.  Let's just say I am taking a break and I will very much miss working with the great woman I just left.

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I've been unwell for a while, so I had to defer my studies.  I'm more passionate about nutrition and food than ever and I will always read about it, write about it, talk about it and love it, but I don't think it's what I want to do for my daily dollar.  I actually miss the responsibility I had & the corporate environment of my previous job, so much so I am considering studying business.

Once again, illness changes my life path.

I love so many things, I could very happily study communications, journalism, business, nutrition, teaching, human resources or marketing.. or something else, and be completely happy - if I didn't feel like I was ignoring some other passion.  I have found a general business degree that I will look into in a few months after a break.

I don't know what's next.  I have a completely clean slate and it is both exciting and terrifying.

I was watching Ready Steady Cook the other day (can you tell I've been sick?), and a 25 year old contestant was talking about how she's had 65 jobs in her life so far as she gets bored easy.  She was so comfortable with the fact that that's just how she is.  I don't want 65 jobs over 10 years or anything, but I wish I was not embarrassed to say that, at 25, I do not know exactly what I want yet.  Is everyone else just pretending they do?

Do you know exactly what you want in life?  If yes, how long did it take you?  How did you discover it?

What do you do for your daily dollar?  Do you love it?

I have some recovering to do, but also a lot of thinking...

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. Oh darling,

    I'm 31 in a few weeks and I'm STILL not sure about what I want to do! Life just seems to pick it's path for me.

    Hopefully the time off allows you to rejuvenate and figure out your next step... that's just it: figure out a step - not the journey... it will get too overwhelming if you do that.


  2. honey, whatever you decide to do, you'll be awesome at it! I can forward you all my nutrition notes hehe. I'll be sure to let you know if I come across any great text books anyway.

    I have done a few different jobs but my excuse is that I don't have a degree, I want to get experience in lots of areas. Plus I've temped which is also a good reason. But I'm getting older and want a few meaningful, long term jobs on my resume. Quality over quantity. Hence why I'm now shopping at CR than Supre ;-)

    1. I can always rely on you to make me smile!

      I don't have a degree either... I often wonder what would have happened if I didn't get CFS and I finished my multimedia & ecommerce degree... would I be working in that industry? Or would I have realised it wasn't for me anyway?

      Temping actually sounds ideal for me at the moment in a way. Short assignments.. trying things.

      Haha, CR over Supre any day ;) x

  3. Hey I totally relate. I am 25 as well and struggle with not having a 'career' and having gone down a few paths that haven't worked out as I'd envisaged, mainly because of what life has thrown at me. You are not alone! You are clearly a talented and bright person and you'll get there! I don't love what I do for a dollar..but I have dreams and am working towards loving what I do one small step at a time!

    1. Thank you - it warms my heart so much to think somebody out there that's never met me thinks I am talented & bright xx I'm sure you will get there, I'm sure we all will - even if 'there' is a place where I accept I love too many things and spend my life floating..

  4. i just literally posted about this the other day! Same feelings hun, and I'm 26! its so strange to feel this way and i feel unsettled and i hate it! :(

    1. I remember reading it! If I remember correctly, you have degree/s and a lot of experience behind you - in my eyes, that gives you more options than me. I hate not being able to say to employers, 'The only reason I don't have a degree is because I got sick and it ruined my life plan!'.. pretty sure it wouldn't work, or be professional, or get me the job.

      Would you recommend marketing as a career? When I started studying nutrition, that was the other degree I was tossing up with! I am currently looking at a bachelor of business admin, which sounds broad enough to not tie me down and to have me actually finish it.

      So nice to know I am not alone x