Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Plan

...for my little blog!

I couldn't sleep last night because of a certain medication that is meant to help sinusitis (ugh) and made two decisions;
Revive my old blog (fashion, beauty, lifestyle that isn't food - see Lemon Butter Blog)
Change the format of this one.

Why would you change the format!  I love this blog!  I can't live without it!

I know I know, it's OK, all I'm going to do is...
Shorten the posts!  Concise, quick information that you can read in a minute or two is where it's at.  No body has time for long blog posts, especially when there are 50 blog you want to read and only 1 bottle of wine to drink (is that just me?).  

Simple is best.
image cred

Healthy living is meant to be simple, so I am going to try and simplify it for you.  Info on nutrients, opinions on what's in health news, quick tips, recipes etc - in a shorter format.  More posts, less content each.

Whattya reckon'? 

What ya recks of my spellin?

Da ya lyk it?

I DoN'T!

Stay tuned & stay well,
Nat x


  1. Instead of long posts break them up I have noticed that you tend to touch on at least 2 to 3 topics in one blog post. It can be changed if you have the time to blog twice a day or set up scheduled posts to save time.


  2. i actually enjoy the long posts, prefer them actually! you can sit down with some tea and have a proper read! but nonetheless, it's up to you! have a wonderful weekend :-)

  3. Ms Steph - I have noticed the same thing, so that was the plan :)

    Kasia - I am glad you like! I have no doubt I will not be able to dampen my rambles all the time...

  4. I love short posts! great :)
    Heidi xo