Sunday, May 20, 2012

Food from the Week

I've been a bit quiet - I kicked sinusitis, went back to work, and caught a massive head cold.  Rest, vitamins, layering, scarves and therapeutic baking are my best friends right now.

Here is some food I've made (& eaten) over the past week or two...

Last night's dinner; Salmon with garlic prawns, greens and sweet potato mash.
If you live in Melbourne, especially over the west side, might I recommend Conway's in Footscray for fresh seafood.  Impressive compared to the other options out my way.

A lunch for M & I one day after eating too much of something out of a packet before hand.
I ain't scared of no fruit!

Baked by me; Vanilla Cream Kisses..
Though they really were just melting moments with a different name.

We are adorable, non?

Big tuna salad for lunch one day, with ripped up provolone and anchovies.  Yummmm.

M says he won't be ale to see over the coffee table books soon.  I like stuff being around.  There is another pile next to it.
Don't mind the dust.

Light dinner of steam veg and an egg.
I love salt, pepper and olive oil on my veg.

Good packet food - I eat out of this every day.
Best value berries in the supermarket (1kg for $8.99).
On oats in the morning, in smoothies, as an after dinner dessert...

Stir fry.  
Cabbage is stir fry is bomb-diggity, to me.

This doesn't look appetising, but it was a tasty lunch of left over noodle omelette (vermicelli, tuna, tomato paste, oregano, spinach, eggs, salt, pepper, tuna), capsicum and left over roast veg.

An orange cake.

Cauliflower & sweet potato curry.
Yes, with white bread.  Sometimes I like it.

It is a worry that this is not everything I cooked in the past fortnight, I just didn't photograph all of it.  Cooking is so relaxing when you're sick.  It's comforting.

I feel like getting moving/walking/exercising in some gentle way is going to help me get rid of this head cold.  Does anyone with fitness knowledge have advice on exercising with a cold?  It's so severe I felt like fainting at work on Friday & had to shoot off.  I think I pushed myself too hard, too soon after the sinusitis.

I really wish I was at the Noosa Food & Wine Festival this weekend.  I am aiming to go next year.  I would do almost anything to be in warm weather right now.  

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. Our meals are quite similar! Sometimes I'll simply have a boiled egg and veges and your top meal with the mashed sweet potato and salmon, I'm always having something like that! Yum :) x

    1. Hannah we would make great housemates then! x