Saturday, May 26, 2012

Inspiring Juice Photos from Urban Remedy

I'm still a skeptic when it comes to detoxing and juice cleansing and am yet to see any evidence strong enough to urge me to do it.  I did purchase an Urban Remedy juice cleanse probably 2 years ago now, but it sat in my parents' freezer for 2 years & .. well it might still be there...  It just never seems like a good time to live on juice for 3 days.  

Nevertheless, I don't like to diss things I haven't tried and I do love hearing other people's experiences with it.  And, for what it's worth, Urban Remedy do seem to have a gorgeous product, displayed beautifully in these photos from their Facebook page;

Beautiful photos.... If the above doesn't make you want to eat cleanly, I don't think anything will.

As for me trying a juice detox?  Maybe one day, we'll see.

You can check out Urban Remedy's website here... but I really just wanted to share the pretty fresh food love with you all.  Let that inspire you to eat beautifully this weekend!

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. omg that first one looks amazing.

  2. I think I'd prefer to incorporate fresh juices/vegetables/herbal teas into my diet, rather than live on juices for 3 days! There's nothing more refreshing than a vegetable juice (with ginger!) though :) yummo!

  3. The photos do look really good, but I'm just not sure i could live on juice for 3 days!

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