Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Week in Food

Time for another edition.

I'm a bit annoyed at myself actually as I know my posts have lacked substance lately, but I've had a ripper virus/flu thing going on (finally feeling 70% human today, hurrah!) and, well, I was instructed by All Who Matter to rest and do absolutely nothing (including my new boss, who I am coming to really super like).

So, on Tuesday, home I came with a medical certificate that excused me from work and uni for the whole week, and on the couch I lay (bored as all hell). I experienced The Doctors and Dr Oz (OK a little, BS-y, but has good intentions and definitely won't hurt the American public), Ready Steady Cook, (most annoying show ever), and Good Chef Bad Chef (3.30pm, channel 10 - Janella Purcell is the 'Good Chef', so super inspiring, for me). I ate ridiculously, seriously, my body has been craving he strangest things ever; a part of the reason I know I feel human again is that I looked at the white choc and macadamia cookies I baked yesterday and I do not want want. Hallelujah! I am back!

So I might be behind on uni and I might have taken the 5th week of my new job off, but at least I am starting to feel human. Now for my week, in food..

Oh yes, I did.

Banana Cake Aftermath.

Parmigiana in the making.
Don't want meat?  Grill up some eggplant and top it with your sauce & cheese, super yummy.
Otherwise crumb & fry it just like you usually do the chick or veal, it will be 100 times lighter and if you do a good red sauce, you won't even notice.

I eat this a lot for lunch when I am sick.

Munro says, "Mummy, this is how you rest when you're sick".

Penne with mushrooms, spinach, ham and caramelised onions.
The Boyfriend got a lot of 'easy to make' meals this week.

Tuna Pizza.
Make your base from scratch, with wholemeal flour (or something even better, if you've got it), spread it super thin.  Make your own tomato sauce (skip the excessive oil and salt, use herbs to flavour it - I also finely chopped some capers as I love them with tuna & chucked them in), add some mushrooms and spinach near the end.  Spread on your pizza base, top with a large can of tuna and a little light tasty or mozarella cheese.. bake!  Healthy pizza craving killer, and with all that tuna and mushrooms piled on top, you'll be getting heaps of protein & not a whole lot of carb.

Avo and Vegemite on Toast with my first coffee in over a week.

Raw Choc-Fudge balls from Lola Berry .
Very yummy, I will be making these for Easter.
Only adjustment I made was adding a little agave nectar as they were a bit dry (tbs at most).
Lola is great, check out her site if you haven't already.

Weekend Brekky is best!
When your mushrooms and tomatoes start drying out in the pan, don't add more oil - splash a little water in.
You will not notice the difference in flavour and you will save yourself a whole lot of fat & calories.
No, olive oil is not bad, please put some in to start them off - moderation is the key.

If my cat can eat wholegrain, why can't you?

Who here knows of the institution that is Eiffel Tower?
I felt a bit more human yesterday so after I struggled through a huge grocery shop ($220 later..), The Boyfriend took me for a trip to Assembly Drive.  Pasta also made its way home.

Fish & Chips.

The start of Macadamia & White Choc Chip cookies.
How was your week?

What do you eat when you're craving pizza or fish & chips but want to eat healthy?

Pump up that vege intake and keep warm - I'm far from the only one I know to have gotten this virus. It's gone Melbourne-wide.

Is there anything I've made that I've photographed on my blog lately that you'd like an actual recipe for?
Let me know!

I am super excited, I registered a domain name & got hosting for my web site this past week.  Soon, you will be visiting a whole other URL - Lemon Living will appear on a blog tab over there.  Give me time, I'm learning Wordpress...

Stay well!
Nat x

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  1. Tuna pizza looks incredible- I've never made my own dough before! Yum! Oh & I really hope you're feeling better soon, it's great you've been able to have time off :) x

  2. feel free to send those white choc & macadamia cookies this direction if you can't eat them ;)

  3. my goodness, that tuna pizza!!!! love! & your fish & chips look amazing too. delicious! Glad you're feeling better. Hope you're completely fabulous by now.
    Heidi xo

  4. honey have you tried scrambled tofu for weekend breakfast? let me know if you want a recipe x

  5. Hannah - try it! So cheap, so easy, so satisfying!

    Jay I'm just smiling that you read my blog ;)

    Bec - No, never! I love eggs too much...