Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Week in Food

Another installment of 'The Week in Food'.

This week sucked. M & I are both sick and have been off work stuck indoors for 2 weekends in a row through this gorgeous weather. We had to cancel our express lunch at Embrasse yesterday, and today we were meant to go to Vic Market for the annual Food & Wine Fest stalls they set up so you can try a zillion different amazing foods.

What are we doing instead? Sitting in our separate studies, drinking tea and wasting time on the internet. Oh well! If that's the worst of our problems, we're doing well.

My eating for the past week has been a bit crazy, my body has been craving the strangest things through being ill (strange for me is like, white bread and white pasta, and masses of milk chocolate), but I've just listened to it. When I'm sick, I don't care what I eat (within reason, still no packaged stuff or fast food, but I would never crave that), as I think a few days of eating white pasta or some honey, as my body asks for it, is not going to hurt my otherwise clean diet.

I even had half a glass of diet coke for the first time in about six months. I know! Vice totally gone, and it does not taste good.

Anyway, here is my week in food....

Can you believe this is vegan, free of added sugars and just ridiculously tasty?
Soaked Oats with banana, pecans, cinnamon and pure maple syrup.
Try it and tell me you don't love it. SO good.

Mushroom & Asparagus Risotto (in the making)
Complete with Parmesan rind floating in the middle.

Mum & Dad got me this
Semillon is my favourite white wine.

Brown Rice with Lentils and Vegies, and a can of Salmon.
When I started to get sick, I started shoving in nutrients.

Miso Soup
With tofu, broccoli and mushrooms

Spaghetti Marinara
White - how M likes it.

I hadn't had a toasted cheese sandwhich in years.
Confession; Mum used to make them on white bread with loads of butter and cheese when I was a kid.
I made it on grain bread with no butter and a little low fat cheese.
Not the same. Not good.

I've had the biggest craving for Blue Cheese this week.
This one is Castello.

M made me dinner which made my day!
Ricotta & Spinach Agnolotti with Walnuts, Pumpkin & Herbs

Impromptu Creme Caramel making.
Feeling terrible on the couch on Friday night and someone made it on tele, so then we went and did it.
So easy. SO good.
(Comment if you want the recipe)
If you're going to eat sugar, eat something sweet!

Buckley likes to bathe...

Did you eat anything interesting this week?
Did you get involved in the Food & Wine Festival?
We are considering the Yarra Valley Food & Wine Festival as we missed out on Melbourne thanks to this insane virus.
Does your cat like to bathe? I've never seen a cat do this.... he seriously has a daily bath.

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Stay well (and don't get this virus!)
Nat x


  1. I crave weird stuff when I'm sick too! I always find it strange, because shouldn't your body want healthy food instead of plain carbs and chocolate?!? Doesn't make sense, but like you, I follow my body's lead when I'm unwell. Hope you're both feeling a bit better now.

    That spinach and ricotta agnolotti looks amazing! xxx

  2. Hope you're feeling better v.soon! I've been reaching for nourishing miso soups at the moment, I love how they warm you up so much! And risotto, can it get much better? Such a yummy selection of goodies :) x

  3. oh my creme caramel is my absolute fave dessert and i have never made it! can i have the recipe please? :)

    I'm currently avoiding a lot of soups now i'm living in Darwin and its stinking hot - but I love them - so i'm going to miss them during 'winter'! :(

    Hope u are feeling better soon!

  4. I hate having to cancel plans because I'm sick! I hope you're feeling much better now (this post was a while ago so I really hope you're all better!). It's a good idea to let yourself have what you crave. well, within reason - but you're never extreme, your eats are always fresh and fabulous, even when you're "relaxing" your clean eating, it seems! delicious eats right here!
    Heidi xo

  5. I agree Jane, it seems counter-intuitive. Somebody suggested that I eat so health that my body needs a little crap to fight/balance. Not really sure of that.

    Ali - I will post the recipe this coming week.