Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy International Women's Day

So I don't have much time because it's late, I am exhausted with a bit of a cold and I have a night where I haven't worked/studied/gone to uni so I want to get to bed before 11!

But, I super wanted to be a tiny tiny part of international women's day, so I wanted to share with you the following.

What I consider to be a strong woman;

Any woman who follows her dreams
Any woman who never ever ever gives up
Any woman who uses her mind and recognises when it needs to override her heart
Any woman that takes care of herself as well as she takes care of others
Any woman that has conquered a personal challenge
Any woman who works to help and inspire other women
Any woman who takes risks
Most of all, any woman with confidence

Women I admire;

Mum. Everyone knows why.
My Nonna, everyone knows why.
My friends gorgeous gorgeous girlfriends - all so different, but I couldn't be me without them all.
An amazing array of online friends I met due to being on the computer so much pre-illness, from a gorgeous make up loving designer to an amazing cook from Tassie and everyone in between, you mean just as much to me as the friends I see face to face.

Last of all, as we all know, Janella Purcell, for inspiring me to learn, educate and study.

(I Google imaged this, and in the first 2 pages, there were two images of me. Now that's love).

Which women do you admire? Apart from Mum, of course.

This was a quick post that I wish I had more time to put thought into, but, for now, that is my bit.

Happy International Women's Day.

Stay well (and strong, always),
Nat x

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