Tuesday, March 20, 2012

If you want to be Popular...

You'll 'Like' Lemon Living on Facebook!

kidding, sort of

I love this (old!) ad, not because I agree that there's anything wrong with skinny girls, or think that a tablet to make you bigger is a positive thing (can I get a 'hell no'?), or that I want to put pounds of 'welcome weight' back on my 'skinny figure', but because it's a great reminder of how what's popular is always changing.

Eat whole, nutritious food in moderate portions, exercise regularly and keep your health in check. If you have these things in line, the number on the scales is irrelevant.

Stay well & be happy!
Nat x


  1. Haha so retro! My, how times have changed. A good reminder of the ever changing nature of pop-culture. However always with an emphasis on appearance...
    Heidi xo