Friday, March 16, 2012

Introducing; Peach

Please welcome my friend, Peach.

She told me she is feeling lonely and that even though she is cheaper than many of the other fruits at the moment, she is still left sitting on the shelf well past the broccoli and pears being sold out. Be gentle, she bruises easily.

She's super yummy crunchy straight out of the fridge. Also, rarely, she'll slice herself in half and take a bit of a shower in some sugar or honey, try and sweet talk her into hanging out in your griddle pan or under your griller after that and she will be all yours!

She loves cream and ice cream, but she's been mingling in some traditionally savoury salads lately and has made a few friends.

Please adopt Peach today!

Original peach image from Photography Blogger

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  1. Gosh, this reminds me how I loved grilled peaches! With lots of yoghurt and cinnamon, must make soon :)

  2. Definitely! I love peaches, straight from the fridge, a little under ripe, sliced up... YUM!