Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Week in Food

Some snap shots of my food for the week, including the clean eating I did today....

The Sunday Afternoon Cook Up
I have to do this now as I am so insanely busy during the week I often don't have the time to cook, but it's good for people who don't have the discipline to prepare healthy lunches and sides during the week, too. This was a big pot of brown rice with some peas, leak and mushrooms to go through it that could be a side or a lunch, (with legumes, tuna or egg) for the week, and a chickpea and vegetable 'tagine' / stew.

A lunch of the chickpea tagine, some lettuce (it's all we had), and some Vitawheats with hummus.

A banana smoothie (1 banana, put in the freezer for 20 minutes, 1 cup milk, cinnamon galore, drizzle of agave nectar, ice), with my afternoon study.

The following was part of today's 'clean eating' to try and get rid of my cold. Basically not many carbs, no sugar, no packaged food and small meals.

Breakfast - oats soaked in water with berries, cinnamon and pecans.

Hard pear (my favourite!) with crunchy natural peanut butter.

Asian inspired salad - coleslaw mix with chickpeas and a dressing of soy sauce, orange juice, sesame oil, chilli, mint and sesame seeds. Oh and fish sauce (just 3-4 drops, so strong!)

Baked flake with garlic, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper, with sweet potato mash (mashed up with chilli), and green beans.

There were some walnuts, a 'bliss ball' and about a half a cup extra of oats in there as I was hungry. Never a point in being hungry.

How was your eating this past week?

I am happy as my new desk arrived last week and now I have a laptop desk and a studying desk (in front of my window), a cork bored for inspiration, a new printer, and I am understanding the silly science I never thought I'd remember.

I have a crazy cold, but I am thankful it's forced me to chill in trackies all weekend.

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. I'm super impressed and inspired! I need to start cooking more grains on Sunday night, I just get so lazy/tired during the week. I usually have something very similar to your fish/veg meal, just usually with salmon. yummo :)

  2. Hope you're all better now! Man, your fish dinner looks SO SO SO good. So jealous :) Oh & thanks for the banana smoothie inspiration. I added oats to mine, yum.
    Heidi xo

  3. Hannah, it's Sunday, are you cooking? I love salmon but it is very heavy for me.

    Heidi I have since been adding soaked oats to mine too :)