Friday, July 15, 2011

Simple Tummy Remedies

Today I stayed home with a terrible tummy bug after a night of almost no sleep trying to settle my stomach. A lot of people in my work place have had the same bug, and, if the GP I saw today was anything to go by, a lot of people at least state wide are suffering alongside me.

So, on the odd and hopefully completely unlikely chance you are feeling, or are going to feel similar to what I do right now sometime before winter goes away, I thought it would be useful to share my favourite anti-nausea remedies.

If you're pregnant, it's worth noting all of these are safe for pregnancy, too.

Although I'd love to say this is my flat tummy, the photo is from Akrigg UK on Flickr

- A widely used and known remedy. I find the tea helps if served at room temperature. Definitely do not brew some and then refrigerate as cold liquid upsets a lot of people's stomachs further. You can also use peppermint oil as an aromatherapy treatment.

- A fantastic anti nausea remedy. I love the stuff and can chew on a piece straight. If you're not quite that game, you can steep a few pieces in boiling water and drink when the liquid has cooled slightly - add honey or a small aount of lemon juice to change the flavour. Shaved ginger is also very yummy with a sprinkle of sugar.

Ginger Ale
- If you can't handle the straight ginger.

Apple Cider Vinegar
- Mix 1tablespoon into a glass of room temperature water & drink. You can also add honey to sweeten.

- I can't quite figure out if this one is a myth and have read it's something to do with the phosphoric acid in Coke; either way, I swear it works for me! Just sip a little and see how you feel. If the carbonation of the drink is going to bother you, a few drops of boiling water will flatten it in seconds. If there's any chance your nausea is exacerbated or caused by anxiety or stress, best stay away from the caffeine in this one.

Lying on your Left
- I learnt this from a man who took CT Scans of me once. I was very nauseas and he said lying on your left side will help your stomach to settle, and help you to digest with less effort. I haven't heard it since, and it may all be in the mind, but I now find lying on my left more comfortable than lying on my right when unwell.

- This sounds backwards and I've yet to have it work for me, (though it's never hurt), but I've heard of people having their stomach's settled by simply smelling freshly cut lemon. Diluting the juice in water can also help.

Stay well! & live especially healthy through this terrible virus season,
Nat x


  1. That is strange about lying on your left as I've found the opposite if I'm having digestion issues. I'll wriggle and squirm trying to get comfortable on my left, but roll onto my right side and fall asleep in minutes.

    We're also told in yoga to lie on our right sides. Something about the heart having less work to do.

    But perhaps it is all in the mind, and you just need to find what works for you :)

  2. Interesting Amelia.. actually now that you've said it I've had someone tell me that about yoga before as well.

    I agree! Someone could tell me walking backwards up hill is good for nausea & I'd try it.

  3. Thanks so much for the tips Natalie (and for stating that they're safe for pregnancy - as I've just found out I'm pregnant and am suffering terrible morning sickness)! Love your blog - it's so inspiring!

  4. Congratulations Ali! Let me know how the remedies go for you x