Monday, July 11, 2011

Breakfast at Mr. Tulk

Breakfast, as you all know, is my favourite thing on earth. Mr. LL has obviously cottoned on as last weekend he decided to take me out for the best meal of the day.

Mr. Tulk's, which is located at the State Library is where he chose.

The only stories I'd ever hear of Mr. Tulk's were that of a gorgeous friend of mine who frequented their dining room while studying across the road at RMIT. Still full of kids who looked like uni students, (young, giant spectacles, amazing buns on their heads and laptops sprawled everywhere .. on a Saturday morning), I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and cosy the environment was on a cold Winter morning. Instantly happy with the boy's choice.

And the brekky?

Good coffee & cute salt packets.

Good decaf coffee; quite an achievement these days.

According to the boy; good parmesan scrambled eggs & bacon, (but he did want more toast).

According to me; stewed rhubarb so good I dreamt about rhubarb that night. Beautiful muesli.

And a window display tempting enough to to take home a brekky dessert, and lunch.

And all not to $$ either, I guess that's the advantage of being near a uni.

Recommend if you haven't tried!

What's your favourite place for breakfast in ol' Melbourne town?

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. Mmmm looks so delicious!! Rhubarb is divine! I actually went to Melbourne last week and we only ate breakfast out once but it was amazing, at a place called Three Bags full in Abbotsford. My sister actually got this scrumptious porridge with rhubarb and pistachios. Highly recommended (but very busy!)
    Hannah x

  2. Breakfast is by far my favourite meal aswell and your's looks just amazing!
    J x

  3. Hannah I will have to try three bags full one day - thanks :)