Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Proof; Calories In / Calories Out

The Boyfriend sent me this photo this afternoon after my extreme fascination with the diet of a Tour de France rider.

We've all seen these riders, right? Very, very lean men who do extreme amounts of exercise.

Here's an example of what 1 of them may eat in a single day, as taken by Andy Schlek after his cook put together the arrangement.

Amazing, eh?

Obviously none of us exercise as much as these guys, nor should any of us non-pro-competitive-amazing athletes, but it's still a great visual.

Also, please note where there energy is coming from. No coffee and biscuit, no chocolate bar, no giant bowl of pasta, just wholesome, real food. It doesn't matter how much of an athlete you are or aren't, your body will perform it's best when it's fed proper nutrients, regardless of how many calories you aim to consume (5 apples is better for you than 5 Tim Tams, even if they both have about 500 calories). Yes they eat glucose bars; you can too when you ride 120kms a day by bike at 50kph for a few weeks straight.

Has anyone else ever taken a photo of all the food they'd eat in a day?
I'll try & do that soon.

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. Thank you for sharing this! That's a lot of food, but look how healthy it all is! I've needed to remind myself a few times this week that I DON'T need to be getting energy from sugary snacks, but I should be aiming to eat super nutritious and healthy food.

    I've never taken a photo of all the food I've eaten in one shot, but I've taken photos of separate meals throughout the day. I might do that again soon, just to keep myself on track xxx

  2. That food may be healthy, but it also looks good and yum!

  3. Amazing!!!!

    Doesn't surprise me though, there is an international magazine called Colors. Years, YEARS ago... I'm talking 12 -13 they had a whole issue devoted to food and what people consume. People like athletes, models, people with eating disorders, people who are obese etc, etc. It was so interesting. My favourite "daily food intake" athlete was the Sumo Wrestlers. Some would call them sloths not athletes, it was so interesting looking at their intake.

    Wish I still had that magazine.

    Great post lady.


  4. Ohh I would love to read that magazine! One of my favourite things is learning how others live their lives and learning, for better or worse, from that. Maybe there is a book..

    Jane I really need that reminder too. I have a killer tummy bug at the moment and am persistng with work and for some reason eating chocolate & lollies to get through the day? So not me.

    Cecilia, all fresh food looks healthy and yum ;)


  5. great idea, will have to try it one day!
    although, re: the comment on pasta - I am pretty sure I can see at least two different serves of pasta in that photo! (personally, I think everything in moderation is fine, including pasta)