Saturday, July 9, 2011

(Food) Stuff I Love Right Now

Home made wholemeal pancakes with cinnamon, greek yoghurt, honey & fruit. Yummmm.

My fruit bowl. A constant source of freshness.

Decaf 'real' coffee. And the way 'Decaffeinated Coffee' is said in Italian. Sexy.

Being The World's Worst vegetarian and making a seafood platter that Mr. LL & I shared.
My body told me to eat it, and I listen to my body. We'll see how it goes... especially as I felt terrible afterwards.

Vegemite & avocado on toast. So ridiculously yummy.

Egg, soldiers & the paper on the weekend.

Non food? Catching up with a girlfriend who I speak to every second day, but haven't seen in probably a year.

And you?

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. cool! I have some marmite in my cupboard and I didn't really like ti by itself, but it sounds like it would be good with avocado!

  2. I am always amazed at how fresh and delicious all your food looks! Those pancakes look so divine, as does your fruit bowl!!
    You inspire me to eat better!

  3. Hearing I inspire someone to eat better makes me the happiest girl alive =)

  4. Yummmmy!! What delicious eats :) Love the wholemeal pancakes topped with fresh fruit, it looks so scrumptious. Sometimes I use half white flour, half buckwheat flour.
    And I recently discovered vegemite & avocado, it's hands down the best combination!!!
    Hannah x

  5. OMG those pancakes look divine! Avocado and marmite on toast is one of my face brekkies (vegemite is too salty for me)