Monday, June 25, 2012

Why I Love Yoga

Yoga is something I consistently practiced as I started to and was recovering from CFS/ME. First with the assistance of the Wii Fit M bought me at the time and then, after trying a few DVDs and youtube videos to get the hang of doing the poses I liked properly, I did it solo.  I've only recently introduced yoga back into my life and today decided to make it a daily thing again.  I truly believe it played a part in helping my body heal and prepare for healthy life and it got me moving again in a way that wasn't as strenuous as something like walking or pilates (which came a few months after starting yoga).  It was my first foray into exercise after 5+ years without any and I still feel better after a session which always consists of almost identical sets of poses that I did all those years ago, today.  

Me.... doing yoga....
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So why do I love yoga?

These may not all be scientifically proven reasons, but this is how it affects me and why I love it...
- It helps me digest
- It gives me greater flexibility
- I feel it helps strengthen my core 
- It is so, so relaxing
- It brings attention to my breathing and feels quite meditative
- It requires no special equipment and costs nothing
- It's challenging without completely physically exhausting like.. running sprints

If you want to give Yoga a go and have never done it before, I recommend taking a class, or at least watching some reputable youtube videos or DVDs; don't just get a chart and try and copy the moves without any verbal instruction or physical demonstration as you might hurt yourself.

Wear comfortable clothing - nothing constrictive.  I do my yoga at home and just between you, me and the internet, I like to wear no pants.

I do a series of 13 poses and it only takes 25-30 minutes, depending on how many breaths I hold each one for, but even if you spend 5 minutes doing 3 poses each day I truly believe you'll see benefit in a few weeks.

I do want to add, though, that I do not see yoga as a replacement for cardio or weight training, just as a beautiful addition.  

Do you practice yoga?

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. i started doing yoga when I was living with a housemate who practiced it almost daily. I've just recently purchased a yoga mat and dominique sanirino's DVD online - it arrived and cant wait to get back into it!

  2. I do an occasional class here and then, when ballet stops for school holidays soon, I'll hopefully do a few more classes to improve my flexibility! How do you do it when it's so cold though? haha.. I think if I did it at home it would have to be next to the heater :)

  3. I love yoga too! As a man who works and plays sports at the same time, yoga keeps me relaxed and calm. It really balances my life. Yoga is also a good routine that helps build physical, mental, and emotional strength.

    - Mathias Michelakis

  4. That photo of yours is so powerful! You just prove that balance indeed comes from strength and flexibility. I’m glad that more and more people are now practicing yoga. There’s one great reason why I do yoga: peacefulness of mind and body.

    - Nicolas Ervin

  5. I couldn’t agree more with what you posted, Nat. Yoga does indeed give you benefits you wouldn’t imagine. My sister was hesitant to do it at first because she thought it was boring. She also felt that she wouldn’t break a sweat from the exercise. After a few hours of sales talk, she eventually gave in and tried it. She couldn’t believe how hard she was sweating on the first session! Since then, she comes with me to do yoga weekly.

    Ozie Hensler