Saturday, June 2, 2012

Food from the Week

A week in which...

I craved pasta like a mad woman which resulted in the largest consumption of gluten free fettucine with chunky vegetable sauce ever seen by the N&M household.

I decided to bake my own Monte Carlo biscuits.

I made the shortest shortbread.

I fried beans with onions, put them on vegetables roasted in garlic and soy sauce, and somewhat inappropriately called it a 'man salad'.

I prepped flavouring for 2 whole snapper my grandmother sent to me.

Then put it on the snapper, who's heads I cut off, which I cried about.

I ate the snapper thinking I am a real vegetarian purely for feeling so sorry for it.
And a real sook.

I decided to make gnocchi Gary Mehigan's way as displayed on Masterchef Australia.

I got a seriously sore hand pushing potatoes through a sieve.

I discovered Gary's gnocchi recipe was an epic, grainy, revolting disaster and that I would stick to my own recipe in the future.

I became obsessed with mixing puffed brown rice in with my oats.

I ate extremely tasty baked ocean trout doused with Meyer lemon juice.

Any food discoveries this week from my lovely readers?

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. not a recent discovery, but I put rolled quinoa and puffed spelt in my oats. Amongst a billion other things.

    I get 4 weeks off uni starting Wed, so I have a big list of things I'm going to do (starting with cleaning my house!!) Discovering how to make 'real' yoghurt will be the first.

    1. Is puffed spelt yummy?

      I have time off at the moment and I am waiting to feel amazing to make the most of it! x

  2. Where do yo get your Meyer lemons from? i have searched for them everywhere...

    Had intended to try Gary's gnocchi, won't bother now!

    1. My parents have an over-productive tree... sorry!

      Yeah it really, really didn't work for me. Hey, it could have been something I did.. but, I don't think so! It was just terrible, not how I like gnocchi at all. As far as I'm concerned they should be like little potato-ey dumplings.

  3. puffed rice AND oats! yum! i tried them for the first time today - and they're yummy with yoghurt and berries!

  4. great pics!! What gluten free pasta brand do you like?
    Heidi xo