Saturday, June 23, 2012

Food from the Week

Before I hop into this one; Who likes my weekly 'Food from the Week' feature?
Is it a highlight or a low light?
Let me know what you think...

 I don't often eat toast but when I do, maannn do I enjoy it.
The fridge asked me to eat Ricotta and Avocado, so I did.

This would look like a healthy lunch to most, but this scrap of lettuce, pile of 'wholemeal' crackers and canned pumpkin soup was revolting.  I was seriously running out of food this week.

This photo does not do justice to the amazing-ness of vegetable broth with soba noodles.

Lazy lunch that involved no where near enough fresh crunch.
That is ricotta, olive tapenade and tahini.

The yumminess that is a 'Natty Dinner'
Grilled veg on a pile of sweet potato mash with mushrooms and chickpeas cooked in garlic, french mustard and a little rice milk for creaminess.
M did not approve.

This was amazing.  Balsamic and avocado are meant to be together.

Light din after a big day of eating.  I am having a love affair with cauliflower.

If you can master a good, basic Italian tomato sauce, you can do sooo much.
Here is is with some tuna, peas and capers thrown in.

Look what arrived!
Yet to confirm when I'll be starting but it will be done in the next two weeks before I return to work.

Ordering Pizza?  Try it the Natalie way..
"Vegetarian with extra veg, add anchovies and only a sprinkle of cheese, please"

What food has inspired you this week?

Don't forget to leave me a little comment letting me know what you think of my weekly snaps of food...

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. Definitely a highlight! These posts always give me great healthy ideas.

  2. I like hearing about your food and meals, it gives me ideas and inspiration!
    Food I am loving at the moment, this soup, it's seriously delicious: (hope it's okay to post link to the recipe)

    1. Hey Mel - great, thanks! Of course it is, and thank you as it looks amazing! Now just to get M to eat it.. x

  3. ohmygod avocado and balsamic!! how had i not thought of this!!?

    that tuna/capers/tomato pasta sauce looks divine too!!

    love these posts nat, they're so inspiring!

    1. Haha Michaela, that is how my parents fed it to me growing up. They used to add salt and olive oil as well. It is amazing.

      Thanks for letting me know hun x

  4. I really like seeing what other people eat, so highlight for me!

  5. Highlight for me as well. How good is sweet potato mash or baked sweet potato .. and I love avocado and chickpeas. My lunches this week have been homemade soup,it's the best thing about winter.
    Keep the posts coming Nat, love them and good luck with your return to work and your new job :)

    1. Sweet potato in any form is amazing. I agree with soup & winter.. & thank you for the luck! I am meeting the boss today & very excited x

  6. Highlight for me for sure! It's great seeing what healthy food people eat - its so much easier to stay motivated when you see the great food other people are eating x

  7. Please please please don't ever ditch this post! I love seeing your food photos and they really inspire me with my cooking for the week ahead xxxx

    1. Hey Janey! Ok ok I won't... thank you for letting me know xx

  8. Love this post, I agree don't get rid of it! I find them so inspiring :)

    1. Thanks Tina! For what it's worth your posts inspire me to get moving xx

  9. Yes to your food from the week posts!! They're some of my fav :) Love the style of your shots. So clean. That pizza looks so good, great tips! Your pasta looks amazing too. deliciousness.
    Heidi xo

    1. I am so flattered you complimented the style of my shots! I feel like I am the worst food photographer on earth; yours are always SO beautiful! xx