Saturday, June 16, 2012

Review; Breakfast Cereal

Most people that know anything about nutrition will tell you breakfast cereal is just glorified dessert.  I am one of those people and, in fact, corn flakes sit in my pantry for times when I feel like a little something sweet after dinner.  Cereal is usually packed with sugar, lacks protein or any real nutrients that aren't processed and added in and is generally unsatisfying leaving you hungry after an hour - not my idea of a balanced breakfast!  Especially when it's just soaked in cow's milk and then, much to my surprise because they're all so sweet already, covered in more sugar.

As a result a question I get asked a lot is, 'So what is a cereal I can eat?  I like cereal....'.  I always come back with oats, or muesli that is home made or something like The Muesli (which I will review soon), or perhaps puffed brown rice which you can find in your supermarket health aisle (and I love love love). But not everyone is keen on these options, and a lot of people tell me anything oats based is too heavy for them as they are used to toast with Vegemite or similar.

But alas!  In Coles yesterday I roamed the health aisle and found a product I have never seen before (maybe because I am blind, I don't know).

Wholeflakes Agave Spelt Flakes

I don't really think I need to write a review - these photos will do.

Got it?
OK, so all I will do is warn you that if you are used to corn flakes, or bran flakes, or even sweeter coco puffs or fruity loops you are likely to find these not sweet at all.

I suggest, to ease in, buying yourself a bottle of agave syrup or pure maple syrup (not maple flavoured syrup) and topping it with a little of that, some fruit and perhaps some yoghurt (greek or natural, or ease yourself in with some Jalna flavoured which is much sweeter).  The taste of the flakes is very wholegrain-y, which I personally love, but because I don't eat very many sweets, especially at breakfast, I can taste the sweetness in anything.  You might not.

Oats are naturally quite sweet so adding a few of them to the mix might help, too.  Or grated apple and cinnamon - yummm!  Better than that, apparently it comes in a cinnamon flavour!  So excited to see real food in a supermarket.

So when you're doing your grocery shop this weekend, pick up a box and tell me what you think.

You can check out where to buy more Artisse products here.  Much to my delight, apparently it's everywhere and I have been blind!  I look forward to reviewing more of their products.

Have a happy weekend & stay well,
Nat x


  1. I have Carmen's Muesli everyday (the one without fruit), to me the box says it's ok but I'm probably wrong hahahahahaaaa my obstetrician said it's ok too NOW I'M SCARED MY MUESLI IS BAD!!!!!

    Is cow's milk bad to have with my muesli? I thought it would be good?

    I'm so confused and scared.


    1. Haha, I'm pretty sure Carmen's muesli is one of the best in the supermarket. My little bro saw a dietitian for a while and that's the one she recommended.

      From what I have read, I wouldn't drink cow's milk, buuuuut I also believe in doing what feels right for your body! Do not be scared! You've gone OK so far ;) x

    2. I enjoy cows milk so I'm going to keep drinking it!

      SO glad Carmen's is a goodie, don't know what I'd do without my daily fix!