Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Early last year I told my travel agent I was seeking a sunny holiday within Australia to escape the coming Winer and could she look into Noosa for us as I've always wanted to visit.  She said yes, but she had a better idea.

Broome and Cape Leveque.

M & I took this trip in August last year.  My grandfather was so ill that we considered not going, so I didn't really share the trip at the time (and he passed a month later).  But, in the depths of the Melbourne cold right now and no plans for another sunny escape as I save my pennies for a big trip next year, I am reminiscing.

If you've never been to this beyond stunning part of Australia, you absolutely must visit.  It is so beautiful it doesn't seem like real life (and if you need a travel agent to organise it I am happy to pass on the details of mine).

Here comes the photo spam!

This is Broome Airport as you arrive.
Yes, the shed.


Had lots of fun renting this big 4WD (everyone has them up there - they are needed!) and a Prado to get up to Cape Leveque.

Palm trees at Cable Beach.

Matso's - by FAR the best place for a drink and a feed.

Although they don't look all that, possiby the best F&C I've ever had.

Cable Beach Sunsets will not disappoint.

I'm obsessed with the flowers you find in northern Australia.

Cable Beach at sunset.

This guy sets up a wood-fire pizza trailer nightly.
I believe he was called M&J's pizza and he was outside the school - definitely look for him if you're in town!

Just a bit excited.

On the road to Cape Leveque - Bumpiest ride of my life!  3 hours of red sandy road.  M drove the whole way.  Amazing experience.

Road to Cape Leveque.

The view from our tent (Pop Louie) at the ridiculously amazing Kooljaman at Cape Leveque.

From our tent balcony.
Yes, tent balcony.
I kid you not we watched whales play in that ocean.

Sunset from Pop Louie.

The most beautiful beach I have ever seen.  Ever.
Still at Cape Leveque.

In the camp grounds.

The effect of the sunset on the rocks.
I couldn't believe my eyes it was so breathtaking.

As it's a camp site you have to take your own food up to Kooljaman (pack a collapsable esky if you're flying), but they do have a restaurant which uses bush tucker in the dishes.
Like everything else up there, it is amazing.

Back in Broome at the markets trying local ice cream.

The amazing plant life at the oasis of a b&b our agent booked us for our last night.
After a couple of hot nights in a windy tent it was divine.

Have you been to Broome or Cape Leveque?
Would you go?

I want to go back SO badly.  

I get really sad when I meet people that have been all over the world but never beyond Melbourne or Sydney within Australia.  We have such a stunning country right here.

Do you have any winter escapes booked?

Nat x


  1. looks amazing. would absolutely love to go. Hubbyand I are off to Bali in a few weeks for two weeks on lazy days, sun, swimming, amazing food and cocktails.

    1. Have you been to Bali before madcatwoman? I'd love to go but I have heard many a food poisoning story which has put me off.. even if that's silly I am paranoid on that stuff!

  2. I get sad when people don't want to travel around Australia too. We went to Tassie for our honeymoon, much to everyone's dismay, but it was wonderful. Amazing food & wine, cool snuggly weather and open fires, it was divine!
    You're making me feel a bit guilty (and jealous) about Broome though, even though we live in Perth, we've never made it to that part of the state. We've talked about it a lot, but never been, Time to take some action I think!

    1. Definitely make plans to visit Broome! My parents actually went to tassie for their honeymoon and go back nearly every year. They adore it. It's on my list! X