Sunday, July 6, 2014


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Always time for coffee in Melbourne.
(This was at La Manna in Essendon Fields)

A little Buckley snuggling under an old t-shirt of M's on the spare bed.
None of us are loving winter.

Facing the freezing cold insane wind for a morning walk (which soon became a jog to warm up!)
El Cheapo giant sunglasses optional.

I'm not eating sugar for July. Maybe even longer if I feel as good as when I did this last time.
Sarah is the inspiration, but I don't avoid fruit on any level.
I'll see how I go and let you know.
I started July 1st and don't miss it yet!

Japanese on a Friday night.
Always good.

After a Saturday morning work out.  No better way to start the weekend.
No fancy gym gear or equipment required!

A simple lunch of toast, ricotta, tomatoes and rocket 
(or, as I sometimes see it spelt, roquette...?)

I've had a super busy few days but I'll be back blogging this week!

Happy Sunday and give yourself something to look forward to for tomorrow.... (15 minutes of extra sleep, anyone?)

Nat x


  1. Looks amazing!

    My new outfit is online, what do u think about?

  2. !!!im doing the no sugar thing soon…haha after my bday. i bought the first book. see how it goes. i have done no sugar on one treatment plan i was on and it was really good for me and made me realise that the only thing wrong with peoples diets (not diets as in fad but diets as in what we eat!) is the amount of sugar. tis going to be hard for cupcake queen! so we see how we will go!!!