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So I saw this interview on Vogue with Lorna Jane Clarkson and thought answering the questions myself would be a good quick way to give you a glimpse into how I live - especially for those that don't know me or only just started visiting my blog.

I adapted one of the questions as I didn't just write a book (I hope, one day, I can say I did..).

So, hi, I'm Natalie!
I don't own a fabulous brand (though, for the record, mine would be Natalie Joan.. catchy?) and I'm not famous, but I'm pretending like I am just for a minute...

What is the first thing you do in the morning? I stream line my morning as much as possible, so apart from get ready to head out the door there's not much for me to do. As soon as I get up I do a little stretch at my bed side. If I have the energy (rare in winter), I change and head straight for my back room to either cycle (stationary) or do some yoga.  Mostly, though, I walk straight to the kitchen, drink a glass of warm water (sometimes with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, depends how I feel), and then jump straight in the shower to get ready.  I drink a cup of green tea while I do my hair and make up and another 1 or 2 with breakfast.  

What is your exercise routine? I make sure I exercise a minimum of 5 days a week (this means two of the days I'm super-busy I'm not squeezing it in and can relax once I get home).  I try to just do what I feel like doing on the day but I do make a point of fitting in 2 weights sessions a week (one focused on upper body and one on lower) as it makes me feel the strongest and makes the biggest difference to my shape. I also set myself little challenges (at the moment I'm working towards 50 push ups in a row).  I don't focus on 'get abs' or whatever, I just like to feel strong.

What is your philosophy towards nutrition? Practice common sense and look to your healthy relatives and especially grandparents. Eat the healthy foods you like - you don't need to make a green smoothie to be healthy.  There is no one solution for everyone so don't get hung up reading hundreds of nutrition books trying to find 'the answer'.  Listen to your body, experiment and see what makes you feel your best.
What does your typical daily diet include? I change every day, I would go insane being one of those (fabulously dedicated) competitive body-trainy-weight people who meal prep and eat the same thing brekky lunch and dinner 5 days in a row.  

For me, breakfast is always a must as it is my favourite meal of the day, either overnight oats or home made fruit-free muesli with berries (I buy the frozen 1kgs Nanna's bags from the supermarket freezer if fresh isn't available or affordable), or other fresh fruit - whatever I have available, maybe some spinach and plain or greek yoghurt, or some toast with eggs, peanut butter or avocado most mornings.  

Morning snack is always needed at work and is always a piece of fruit.

Lunch totally changes all the time - left over dinner, usually soup, stew, pasta, rice.. I eat most of my carbs at lunch.  Salads in summer, always with some protein - eggs, beans, sometimes tuna.  I'm not a fan of sandwhiches but I will occasionally take fresh bread and the ingredients for a salad sandwich.  
Dinner is never the same as I adore coooking.  I only eat rice or pasta one night a week as I feel very full and heavy after a big meal at night, but apart from that it's whatever is in season, in the fridge, was on special or looked beautiful at the store cooked into whatever I can think of when I get home from work!

You have five minutes to make a nutritious meal – what do you do? 
Either a salad with spinach, feta, grated vegetables or left over roasted ones, a hard boiled egg, avocado, maybe smoked salmon.... whatever's in the fridge! Or miso soup as I adore the stuff and with some broccoli, mushrooms, rice noodles and tofu it is too easy and so comforting.
What is your favourite recipe?

I don't have a favourite and I very rarely follow recipes which is why I am so bad at writing them... but I do follow recipes for most non-cake desserts, so a good pudding or chocolate mousse is always a winner!
How do you keep your health in check when travelling? 
I carry a snack everywhere no matter what - it's usually nuts and fruit.  On planes I take my own snacks.  I seek out supermarkets in foreign towns and cities as there is always a salad pack or some carrots or cheese and fruit.  The eggs, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes are always my pick at a breakfast buffet as the muesli and yogurt is usually packed with sugar. I opt for soup in restaurants or for lunch and always get a green side and I walk everywhere as it's the best way to see everything anyway!  I don't worry about sticking to an exercise regime while travelling - for me, it's always a holiday and the walking is enough.  If I feel like burning some energy then squats, push ups, sit ups etc travel quite well!  Putting on a kilogram or two on holiday is not the end of the world, but I like to feel healthy and vibrant while I travel.  
What is your favourite restaurant dish? 
I pretty much always order some sort of seafood pasta.  I make them at home but they are always better in a restaurant for me.  My favourite restaurant recently changed owners and the new chef is no where near as talented as the previous, so if you have any suggestions for a great seafood pasta in Melbourne I'd love to hear it!
So, what's your favourite restaurant dish?
Do you work out on holidays?
Nat x

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