Monday, June 30, 2014


So it's Monday again and I, like everyone else working full time whether they love it or not, can't currently stand the thought of hearing the alarm tomorrow morning and having to get up to another freezing cold rainy day and an inbox full of emails I can't be bothered with.

So this morning I am sharing what I do to make Mondays, and every day, more enjoyable.  Yes it might sound cliche, yes you might have heard 100 other web sites say similar things, but after years of just being generally wound up on Sunday night's I've found the following works for me.

1. On Sunday night do something you love and can look forward to.  For me, I have a Sunday night ritual of a glass of wine, a face mask, good-bad TV (you know the stuff - reality shows, local travel shows, whatever's going) and a longer-than-normal shower.  

2. Prepare for your day in advance.  The night before work, choose your outfit and leave it hanging where you get dressed, make your breakfast in advance (overnight oats, get spreads out for toast, hard boil some eggs, whatever it takes), make sure that if you pack your lunch all you have to do is take a container out of the fridge and put it in your bag.  A million people have said it and it really seems true - the less decisions you have to make in the morning, the easier it will be.

3.  Give yourself a Monday morning treat.  Mine is that I always stay in bed an extra 15 minutes on a Monday morning (and a Wednesday morning, actually).  I start my tea while I do my make up and eat my breakfast in less time (or take it to work) to make up for it.  It works, gives me something to look forward to and I love it!

4. Decide to be happy.  I know this sounds silly but try deciding to see the good side to everything.  If you don't believe it or don't feel it, fake it until you make it.  If someone asks you how you are, (unless there is something very wrong or you really are out-of-sorts down beyond Monday morning blues - I'm certainly not suggesting you suppress feelings!), just say you're really well and had a great weekend.  It might not work for everyone but it sets me in the right frame of mind for the whole day!

5.  Realise you're not stuck.  You can change jobs if you want to, you can take an annual leave day next week and have a rest, you can walk away from your emails for 5 minutes during the day for a breather.  You can even sell your house, or move overseas.  Often knowing we can change something we don't like makes the situation more bearable.  

I leave you with this!

I love it.

How do you cope with day 1 of 5?

.. or are you lucky enough to work a job that you adore beyond words and can't wait to attend daily?

Happy Monday!

Nat x


  1. Hi Nat! I loved your blog and I actually tried searching for one of your recipes from a while ago but it dissapeared! Or I couldnt find it propertly. Probably the latter :P It was the Leek and Mushroom Risoni soup!! It is a fav of mine - especially in winter. I tried to do it from memory and managed to come out nice but not as good as when I followed your recipe!

    Meanwhile, I do very similar things. I also try and get some new music on my ipod from searching over the weekend. Music lifts my mood so it makes sense that if I listen to some new music, it automatically puts me in a good mood (or better mood lol)

    Good Tips though, all those little things adds up!

    - KK

    1. Hi Kara!
      It made my night that you remembered a recipe I posted - I think it was here;

      I am big on music too but I am so lazy with technology and never have the patience to sit and update things or transfer some new music on. I really must..

      Nat x