Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am in the middle of some annual leave (3 days out for 10 days off, consecutively? I can't believe the whole of Australia isn't on annual leave!), and although I love it, my brain is having a mini fit of thinking.

Why, oh why, must my brain constantly think? I really need to start practicing meditation again. I did reach a beautiful place once, (only once! It was a lot of work to get there), where my brain had nothing in it. As soon as I realised it had happened, it went away and I felt like my head was going to explode from the constant stress it came back under which always seemed like what 'normal brain state' felt like, until I experienced that, experience, whilst meditating. Anyway, story for another day (just quietly, if you meditate but have never reached that place, I promise it's worth it).

This first thing is that I've been treating my body quite terribly, and the universe is trying to send me this signal in every way it can. Cue 4th course of antibiotics and still not ridded of this darn infection! So, inspired by my own extreme passion for studying nutrition, and the amazing Amanda at Me vs. the Bulge, I am going to start eating like I used to, eating to keep my body in peak condition, eating like a nutritionist. It's not as hard is it sounds, it's just going back to balance and running far away from extremes. It's not for weight, it's for health. I feel gross.

Whole foods with a big focus on vegetables is what my body responds best to.

The second thing is my mind. My brain is constantly working on everything from problems at work, to what I'll cook for dinner tomorrow night. I need to learn to stop thinking. I plan on doing this by returning to meditation and trying to still my mind at least once a day, even if it's only for a few minutes. Everything starts with simply deciding to do something. Right now, I am doing nothing.

Beautiful, but my favourite place to meditate is on a surf beach.

I spent some more time on the coast over the weekend, (Barwon Heads), and again it was mentally spelled out to me in giant writing on massive brain billboards how much I want, (can I say need?), to live there for at least a few months, preferably an undefined amount of time. My entire body is happier at the beach. My energy is higher, my mind occasionally stops thinking without meditation and I sleep a lot better. Most of my spare thought space is currently spent trying to think of a way I'd be able to do this. The breaking factor is that I wouldn't go where M wouldn't, and he works in the CBD.

How could you not want this 5 minutes away every sunny day? It's just as beautiful in Winter.

I need change in 100 other ways, but I'm planning on actioning it and will discuss when ready.

I'm also trying desperately to get through to a man who I believe will help me to be able to do a Bachelor of Nutritional Therapy part time, on campus, around full time work. I'm super struggling to get in touch with him. (I had a chat to 2 nutritionists who both told me I'd be better off with the degree rather than the diploma. Glass roof factor).

I'm not happy and must change things, so I'm going to.

Have you decided on any changes lately?
I hate to admit it, but I think this was all triggered by the book, "Eat Pray Love". I'm on the band wagon and I love it.

Stay well,
Nat x

Photos, except beach, from flickr.

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  1. Hi Nat,
    I just discovered your blog from Jane at Tea & Vegemite Toast. I absolutely love it! We have very similar theories on health and wellness. I've just started a nutritional medicine/naturopathy course part time (in between Mummy duties), and I can't wait to get fully stuck into it.

    I want to get into meditation too, and there's nothing like beach life is there. I live an hour out of Melbourne on the beach (the "other" peninsula), and it's such a tranquil place to be.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    Amelia :)