Sunday, May 1, 2011


If I cook for you or want to cook for you, (like, ask you over for dinner), then I care about you. It's how I show affection and I really do think that cooking for someone is the greatest way of showing love. When I am having someone over for a meal, I put true thought into what I am going to make and what ingredients I'll use to make it - I even have planned on my head what I would cook for several people I haven't even asked yet!

It can go a step further. If you are very very close to M or I, I will spend hours preparing something from scratch. In this case, it was gnocchi for M's parents & sister, and it was the first time I've made gnocchi in our home.

Don't ask me for a recipe because I use the traditional Italian recipe (boil potato, mash it or put it through a sieve if you can be bothered, add a touch of self raising flour then knead with plain flour until it feels right. Some people put egg in it, I don't).

This gnocchi was served with a basic tomato sauce (cooked for 3 hours, of course), but I didn't get a photo. Some was also frozen as I, of course, made too much. The remainder fed girlfriends the following night.

Do you make your own pasta?

I want a pasta machine to make insanely thick fettucine - my favourite!

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. I've been meaning to make gnocchi forever. it's on the list for recipes for May....

  2. yum yum! i remember wanting to make gnocchi a little while ago, but don't you need one of those really fine sieves? Your gnocchi looks so professional :) :)
    Hannah x

  3. You are a domestic goddess. I wish I had the time and patience to make delicious homemade pasta. There is honestly nothing better (especially in winter) than a big bowl of good pasta with a tomatoey sauce xxx

  4. Pasta atachment is on my list for the Kitchenaid. When are you getting one?!! and more importantly, what colour??