Thursday, May 12, 2011

Under the Pump

Just a quick post before I head off for work!

You may have noticed I've been quiet the past week or so on both blogs - a lot has been happening! Here's a quick update;
- I got offered a new role at work which I'm very excited about! But..
- Can't start as the other girl on my team had to resign, leaving us a staff member short. I'll start my new role when we get new staff.
- Still sore & having ultrasounds to be on the safe side after the kidney infection from hell.
- Have a horrible cold! A month of antibiotics & stopping on return to work after a week's leave will do that.
- I started pole dancing classes. I know, I know, but they were cheap, a friend has joined me and I actually think it's amazing fun.
- I also joined a gym, finally! Yet to do a session as I have a cold and only joined a few days ago.

I hope to be back and cooking soon! I made amazing peanut slice last night for Mum's birthday.

Happy Birthday to my Mummy!

Be back soon, blogosphere.

Stay well,
Nat x

PS. Happy CFS/ME Awareness day... spread the word!

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