Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure

Yes I know everything about the following item and how incredibly bad it is for you, (not to mention your teeth), but I love it and can't help it and sometimes choose to drink it anyway.

Diet Coke, you are my vice.

(this was taken last month when I was lying on the beach in the sun reading alone - amazing day).

I drink it around once a fortnight, or whenever I am nauseas (I can't explain this with reason).

What is your vice?

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. Twinny, this is where we differ. I reckon soft drinks are so disgusting, but I'm definitely in the minority there! I can't drink any soft drink, it's so weird, but I just think they are so so sweet and gross.

    My vice is chocolate. Definitely chocolate. xxx

  2. My vice is good old D.C too! And I hate how much I love it because I know how completely bad it is for me.

    I've got one bottle in the fridge and plan on trying to give it up (again), after that's finished.

    Diet Coke - you are also my vice. x

  3. oh no, at least go for the sugar version....
    I used to drink it a few years ago - we had a fridge stacked with them at work!
    I've switched to sparkling water now, no looking back

  4. Soda water is also good for nausea!! But, once a fortnight shouldn't be too damaging :)

  5. i love diet coke too!
    dc is my homegirl.

  6. Janey! Not a bad thing to not be able to drink soft drink. I can't drink the stuff with sugar in it, silly as it is.

    Dani I like to think once a fortnight isn't too damaging ;) Though I have gone almost a month without it now!

  7. My vice is most definitely coffee. But at least 'tis sugar-free LOL
    I am another one who cannot stomach soft drinks. Bitter italian soft drinks like chinotto and arancita rosa, love. But US style ones make me gag!
    My biggest worry about diet coke is the artificial sweetener it contains, which has been linked to heart arrythmia!

  8. Everyone needs a vice. I personally don't want a life 100% pure and completely free of fun things! I've been told that the bubbles in soft drink are what help nausea, cos it helps release the gas in our tummies that contribute to it. Ah ha... probably a bit tmi! ;)

  9. I get horrible migraines on occasion and that is the only time I drink Diet Coke - it does wonders I swear! My GP actually recommended it to me - 2 aspirin and a caffeinated drink and I can't stomach coffee when I'm migrainey and nauseous. I am so thankful for Diet Coke on those days :)