Monday, April 11, 2011

Review; Sanitarium Natural Peanut Butter

As you know, I love food. I think this is a result of the house I grew up in where food is used to celebrate, commiserate and compensate. Occasionally, I go through a phase of being uncontrollably addicted to a certain food and the most recent for me, was peanut butter.

For a long time, as I ate 2-3 tablespoons straight from the jar a day, I ignored all nutritional information on peanut butter. Sure I knew it was high in fat and calories, but I loved it! (especially with honey). I'm now a reformed peanut-butter-aholic,

Peanut butter is a funny spread. Some people swear off it due to it's high fat content, and some people endorse it as a good source of protein with your breakfast. I'm with the latter, in moderation, but you have to choose the right kind.

Let's have a look at Sanitarium Natural peanut butter.

This PB is 100% peanuts.

Why does this matter?

Regular PB contains salt.
Regular PB contains sugar.
Many regular PBs contain hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Nobody knows what effects long term exposure to hydrogenated oils are having on our bodies, but apart from the obvious trans fats, I have heard (read) everything from theories about it being linked to degenerative diseases, to heart disease and diabetes. Why would you put that in your body when there's a healthier alternative? Even if you really really super think it needs salt and sprinkle a little on, it's still much better.

Pros; It's 100% peanuts so it could not be more natural, and it's got no added salt, sugar and is obviously lower in trans fats than many other peanut butters.

Cons; It doesn't keep fresh as long without the hydrogenated oil and it tends to separate (get oily - watch out when you open it) and need mixing.

Verdict; It's fantastic stuff and about a million times better than regular peanut butter, but you can't escape the fact that peanuts are fatty in themselves so it's just a healthier alternative, not a green light to triple the amount you put on your toast. 1 tablespoon is the equivalent in calories of a large banana, so think about what you want to use your calories on. If you love your PB, it's worth it!

Do I eat this? Yes, 2-3 times a week in the recommended serving size.

Would I give this to kids? Absolutely, on wholegrain toast for breakfast with some fruit and a glass of milk would be a great kids breakfast.

It's $3 for a tub of this in Coles (crunchy and smooth, in the health food aisle).
If you're a peanut butter lover like me, please give it a go!

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. hehe I went to check the ingredients on mine (Dick Smith smooth) and stuck my finger in at the same time ;-)

    Most health food stores sell freshly ground PB, and you can select from a range of textures. Smooth is never 100% like supermarket smooth though.

  2. I usually steer away from the health food stores just because of the $$ of the ones around here. This stuff's el-cheapo.

  3. OMG PB, honey and banana is one of my favourite combos... on thick slices of multigrain toast... mmm... but I rarely eat bread these days so it's a rare treat! I'll look out for this on the shleves though!

  4. nice review! I love nut butters!! although I never really been a fan of penut butter- but I've recently bought a jar of 100% almond butter which i love! tastes good spread on apples, bananas and vitaweats :)
    Hannah x

  5. My mum used to INSIST on only getting the stuff they made on the spot at our organic grocery store.

    Nowadays we just have the normal stuff in the cupboard. I v rarely eat it... toast isn't really my thing.

  6. I've read that pb on corn thins/rice cakes/wholegrain crackers is the perfect quick pre-workout energy snack too.

  7. My mum only buys the health food stuff as well, but I like mine super smooth and as Bec said, theirs isn't. I love pb and honey on toast but only have it when the urge strikes, which is rarely, so don't worry about the fat content.

  8. I love my Sanitarium PB! Couldn't even consider going back to the regular stuff.

  9. This stuff's great! I love the freshly ground peanut butter from health food stores even more, but while it's quite cheap here, the store I go to is a little out of the way for me -so the Sanitarium brand is a very convenient and tasty alternative.

    100% almond butter is amazing! I like to have a spoonful on my bircher muesli.

  10. i hate the ones with sugar added. taste weird. pb should be savoury. eta crunchy is my fave as no added sugar.
    its the perfect blend even if bad for me... i dont have it much though

  11. Too oily so I save an old jar cleaned tip half in that then chuck in a half pack of almond meal, leave it in the jar like tahini upside down till the almond meal is absorbed, much better. Or mixed with tahini. Yes I am addicted to it.