Saturday, April 9, 2011

Part II; This is how I Detox

I would very much like each of you to read that I ate chocolate and cake on the first of these days, (Tuesday), and recognise that you can eat healthier and still have your cake, and eat it. The reason I cut down on sugar for 2 days was because my body said, 'no more please'. Today, my body said, 'I want to try that cake'. My entire life is about listening to my body, and, as a result, only in the past 3-4 weeks have I achieved the ability to eat what I like, when I like, and feel no guilt. Ever. When you can have it all, you don't want it all.

It's liberating, try it!

Day 3 & 4;

(beautiful & sunny, why am I at work?)
(no exercise)

Usual lemon water
Home made muesli with a sprinkle of corn flakes, stewed apples and fresh strawberries covered in milk
Green tea

Morning Snack
1 ruby grapefruit
Tablespoon of coconut chips

Out with a friend - Singapore rice noodles with vegetables & tofu
1 row Lindt milk chocolate

Afternoon Snack
1 small piece of vanilla cake (colleagues birthday)

Dinner (at my parents' place)
1/4 Rye Mountain bread with 2 olives & half a fresh chilli
Stew of sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrot and chickpeas in spices with cous cous
(Mum now admits I've had an influence on her cooking)

(snowed under at work)
(20 minutes free weights)

1 piece rye toast with tahini & honey
5 fresh strawberries

Morning Snack
Fruit Salad with shaved coconut

1 piece toblerone

Afternoon Snack
4 plain rice crackers

Mashed sweet potato topped with sauteed green vegies (in garlic), and kalamata olives.
2 dates for dessert

I kind of forgot to record my food the next day. I could make it up, but I'm honest like that.

I didn't lose any weight, but felt a whole lot better. I've since embarked on avoiding added sugar or high carb feels after 4pm to avoid feeling puffy, and as a result I am sleeping better and needing less for breakfast. Amazing how the lighter I eat at night, the less I need to eat the next morning.

In the mean time, I have been diagnosed with a nasty infection and am on antibiotics. Ugh.
Although, between us, this is the first time I've had a 'normal' illness that isn't a result of CFS or CFS medications or a reaction to coming off CFS medication. I have an infection - what a normal thing to say! It's kind of nice, I mean, if I have to be sick...

Has anyone else decided to clean up their diet/'detox' lately?
How's it going?
What are you doing?

Stay well,
Nat x

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