Monday, March 7, 2011

Be Kind to Yourself

This is one line I have been living by for the past few weeks. At first, it riddled me with guilt about not exercising x amount, or using the big roll of fresh bread for my salad roll, but now I am truly enjoying it.

Life is much more fun without imposing rules on yourself, and I'm finding it's the best way to find balance.

(Not so) amazingly, not regimenting my life is resulting in me doing a good amount of exercise and eating well anyway, because I naturally want to.

So, before all else, please, be kind to yourself.

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. Such wise words. xo

  2. Yes, great words. So simple when you think about it but such a hard thing to do.

    On another note i made some of the chocolate mousse you blogged about and it turned out all thick and NON fluffy!!! There are some pics on my blog. Any advice!?

    It's my first mousse making attempt.

  3. Dee did your eggs fluff up when you beat them with the sugar? They should have gone fluffy and then folding them into the choc keeps the fluffiness. I beat the eggs for aggges the second time I made it and the eggs didn't fluff so I realised the bowl must have been moist or something, so I chucked them and started over.

    Strange =( Good luck let me know if you try again! x

  4. Yep they went fluffy. Everything 'looked' ok until i was folding the cream in, maybe i over beat the cream. Plus the whole lot of chocolate i used was dark, maybe i should of out a bit of milk chocolate in too! too many variables!

    i'll try again soon! it was still ok to eat, it was like a kind of refrigerated-not frozen-icecreamy mixture of dark chocolate. :)