Friday, March 25, 2011

Addicted to; Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is not only super tasty and creamy, but 100% sugar free, (read your labels, but, for the most part). It's higher in protein which, with it's rich texture, means it's more satisfying and filling. It doesn't need gelatine or other thickeners because it gets that way naturally through the process used to make it. For carb-haters, it's also lower in carbohydrates.

Down side?
It is lower in calcium than the usual breakfast yogurt suspects, so be sure to make up for that elsewhere.
The full-fat version is also higher in calories (circa 130 calories per 100grams compared to low-fat Vaalia having circa 110 calories), but it is available in a low-fat version which is just as beneficial, and still very yummy.

How do I eat it?
With muesli dotted with honey or maple syrup, (keep it to a minimum, but it's pretty hard to reach the 15% sugar level of many yogurts we usually eat for breakfast)
With fresh or frozen berries mixed through
With chopped up bananas
With grated apple & cinnamon
On baked sweet potatoes with cheese and beans
With potato wedges and sweet chilli sauce
On nachos instead of sour cream
As a topper to pumpkin soup
Make a cheesecake..

The list goes on - it is one of the most used items in my fridge.

Give it a go, I promise you'll find a way you like it. It's especially good for yogurt lovers trying to cut down on their sugar intake and it's popular in a lot of weight loss groups.

How do you have your Greek yogurt?

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. I swear we are diet twins. I was literally thinking last night about how I've grown to LOVE Greek yoghurt over the past few weeks. I used to hate it and thought it tasted way too sour/tart/plain/gross. Now, I absolutely loooove it on my muesli with a squeeze of honey. I can't even eat the 'normal' yoghurts (like Ski and Yoplait) because I think they taste way too sweet and fake x

  2. Haha I am exactly the same! It's a shame you're in Sydney. If I'm ever up or you're down, we are definitely meeting up & eating together x

  3. This is actually the only yoghurt I eat...weird!! I don't tend to eat a lot of yoghurt, but I'll have a spoonful of this Greek Yoghurt on top of vegetable curries (with a dash of cumin and some fresh coriander!) or on rish dishes sometimes. So I generally add it to spicy/hot foods or sometimes I'll also add some to pancakes, muesli, etc. You're right- the list goes on!
    Hannah x

  4. This was a staple growing up so I'm very accustomed to it! I eat it with chopped bananas. I like to mix it with a spoon until its smooth in texture and then add the bananas.

    As a kid we would eat it with pita or burek. which is a savory pastry with potato or meat.

  5. LOVE it!!!
    Told you this on ye olde twitter ;)

  6. Another fan of Greek Yoghurt - it's also a good substitute for cream in savoury recipes!

  7. I love plain, thick yogurt, but I havent been able to find a good greek one that I can use both with fruit and as a sour cream replacement in soup etc.

    I find the Jalna too tart and the black swan low fat greek is full of gelatin and other non-needed ingredients.

    I usually like vaalia and organic gippsland plain yogurts. Is this brand similar tho those or more tart?

    In terms of where I use these, I LOVE plain yogurt with chopped bananas, mango, muesli and toated sesame seeds - an amazing combo for breakfast.