Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Hate Running

There you go; I said it, and I refuse to believe I am the only one.

A few months ago, I could run maybe 2kms without stopping after trying to build up to a good distance through vigorous, regimented sessions almost daily. I'd run as far as I could, walk for 100 steps and then start running again. I've long admired people who can run long distances without stopping and often wished I was able to, but I'm tired of it. Running, unlike many others, does not relax me. I do not get the 'runners high' that I've heard people report, and I don't feel invigorated afterwards, (and not because I was unfit). Running did not leave me sore and I did not struggle through extreme breathlessness after the first 500 metres, it was just never fun. I love to dance, I enjoy boot camp style training, I could walk for hours and I feel great after a weights session, but running? Nope. Hate it! I truly feel my body was not made to run, it just doesn't feel natural, for me.

So there we go, I'm a woman who cares a lot about her fitness, but hates to run.
That being said, I do still sit there in awe of people who can, and enjoy, running kilometres on end several times a week.

Do you run? Do you love it?
Or do you hate it like me?
Do you hate it and keep doing it anyway to improve fitness?

Would love to hear your stories on running...

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. I hate running too - persevered for years, kept thinking that if I just kept at it I would get to love it like everyone else seems too. Tried doing fun runs etc. Then I moved to Wagga - it's hilly so I didn't do much for the first few months. And when I tried going back to it - my motivation had gone ever more than before because I had enjoyed having a break from it so much.

    Life is too short to do exercise we hate I think! I do cardio machines at the gym, and kettlebells and poledance classes instead. At least I don't have to spend my whole day psyching up for it! Plus it hurts my knees a lot less.

  2. I have been running for the last 5 months and over that time i have gradually increased my speed on the treadmill at the gym. Though it has taken me awhile to get the confidence to run, I use to be a walker on the treadmill. Running for me as been a challenged like ones you have faced right now I have an incredible sore left knee and I’m still developing my technique (strides and using longer leg strokes). I think the best way to approach running is to do interval running until your confident enough to run at a long distance non stop. Or just hit it hard and see where it takes you, sometimes you can surprise yourself.

    Love Ms Stef...