Friday, February 11, 2011

Sugar is not Poison.

That's right - I am disagreeing with at least 100 opinions of different commenters and bloggers I've read over the past week. In my eyes, sugar is most definitely not poison.

Here's why;

- Yes, sugar is addictive, but 4 days without was enough to curb this addiction. I was once addicted to water; is water poison, too?

- I do not have a weight problem and the amount of sugar I have is no longer effecting my health. I truly do not believe the limited amount of unrefined sugar I eat would.

- An excessive amount of any food is poisonous, as it too will make you ill.

- If man was not meant to eat sugar, was man not meant to eat boiled potato and live on a raw food diet? Or kill animals with tools, (not his claws and teeth like other animals), and be vegetarian?

I don't know, I didn't read the books and I don't intend to. Yes, a diet low in sugar is a diet I would consider healthy, but banning it doesn't seem logical. Sugar is everywhere, especially in the form of fructose, and I'm very sure that I'm not about to give it up. Even if I have significantly reduced my independance on it and my chocolate serving sizes.

I'd only suggest trying this if you feel you are addicted to sugar, but certainly not if you have any blood glucose issues.

Stay well,
Nat x

PS. Eating a bit of something fatty, (almonds, or nut butter), as suggested by Sarah Wilson and I assume David Gillespie, really does work on curbing the sugar craving (if you need to curb them).


  1. I agree with you!!!

    Working with diabetic patients it's important to teach them good and bad sugars. The body cannot survive with NO sugar just as it cannot survive with NO carbohydrates, salt, fat etc...

    Unfortunately it's far too easy to jump onto an uneducated bandwagon. Just because one has read some books or websites doesn't mean they have a sound knowledge of the physiology of the body and how different diseases/illnesses - even the 'normal' body is/are effected by different foods, etc, etc...

    I could harp on and on hahahaaha

    In a nut shell it boils down to the old 'everything in moderation' and being aware and educated about what is a 'good' sugar/fat/carbohydrate and what is a 'sometimes' sugar/fat/carbohydrate etc, etc.

    Good post lady, excellent post even. ♥

  2. Yeah, I get easily distracted by facts, but my body was telling me it was silly.

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