Sunday, February 13, 2011

Breakfast for a Week

Everyone who knows me, and probably everyone who reads this blog, knows that breakfast is by far the most exciting part of the day in my eyes. I try to have a new, interesting brekky every day of the week no matter how pushed for time I am and I'm often faced with arguments from others that go along the lines of, 'how can you be bothered doing anything other than Vegemite on toast / cereal / coffee?'. Interesting breakfasts do not take a lot of work, and I hope this post proves that to you.

Fruit Bread (which I buy from a bakery near our beach spot and freeze), topped with low-fat Ricotta (from a tub), blueberries and cinnamon.
Read the label of your ricotta and make sure it's not too high in salt. Ricotta for brekky will help keep you full until lunch time and cinnamon is a fantastic alternative to sugar.

Toast - one with low fat ricotta, sliced tomato (microwaved for warmth), and another smothered in unhulled tahini.
Tahini is ground sesame seeds and tastes amazing! Please try it if you never have; it's insanely high in calcium and you'll find it in the health food section of any good supermarket.

Vita Brit with smooth peanut butter, and Jalna Low-Fat Vanilla Yoghurt with blueberries.
Peanut butter is fatty, but it's also protein and will help keep you full. It is great stuff, in moderation. Go for the no salt added variety if you can enjoy it.

Weekend brekky - Cooked tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms with egg and soldiers.
Not enough people, in my opinion, make the effort to cook some vegetables for brekky on weekends. Do it! Even if it has to be next to your bacon.

Home made muesli mixed with a little All Bran, topped with milk and blueberries.

Home made granola served with microwaved frozen mixed berries and Jalna Low Fat Yoghurt.
Look for mixed berries on special - they often work out cheaper than the fresh ones and still contain the health benefits. They make a great dessert straight from the freezer, too.

Weekend brekky of fresh fruit salad of cantaloupe., honey dew, grapes, stewed apricots, strawberries and grated apple. I enjoyed this with some Jalna Low Fat Vanilla Yoghurt.

For those interested, I drink Madura Green Tea. I'll sometimes have peppermint or decaffeinated coffee, but it's green for me most of the time.

Can you really tell me those options are that hard? You feel 100 times more satisfied after an interesting, nutritious breakfast and you're much less likely to reach for something sweet by 10am.

I hope this inspires someone!

Stay well,
Nat x


  1. Wow- great ideas there! I love the first one, would never had thought to have a ricotta + blueberry combo! And I've been meaning to try tahini on toast with honey for a while, thanks for the reminder! I posted the lunches I had for 4 days this week on my blog, coincidence! ;)
    Hannah x

  2. Yum!! I love a good breakfast. When I was little my favourite breakfasts were fried rice, (lightly fried with a chopped up omelet and onion in it and a splash of soy) and bbq fish and rice... The only time I eat these things for breakfast now are when I'm at my dad's place in the Philippines. You've made me think about it, now I want to have these things for breakfast again STAT!

  3. I never skip brekky either, otherwise the tummy starts growling by 11am! Have been meaning to get around to making my own muesli as well - it will be next weekend's project! You've got some great combination up there =)

  4. Wow, I LOVE this post!! I am the biggest breakfast person. Nobody understands it, but I literally wake up excited for what I'm about to eat. Definitely the best meal of the day, and some great (and easy!) ideas here. Love the photos too xxx

  5. Wow this all looks amazing!! I'll definitely have to try some of these combos!

  6. Yum! All of those breakfasts look fantastic. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day too, but as I'm not a morning person I'm usually rushing in the morning and only have time for a bowl of muesli or cereal with milk.

    Can you please post the recipe for your granola? It looks great!

  7. Glad my post was enjoyed!

    Jane & Alana I'm glad I'm not alone! I don't get how other people don't see it... ??

  8. Great post! Breakfast #1 looks especially appealing :)
    Heidi xo