Saturday, February 12, 2011

Healthy Fruit & Nut Slice

This is a recipe I found on Best Recipes while searching for healthy slices and, although I was super skeptical that it would work with so few ingredients, it came out a treat. The only down side is it's not the cheapest slice once you pick up the almonds and dried fruit, and it stinks while it's cooking, (of eggs). I added a few pepitas, but apart from that I followed the recipe exactly. I very much recommend it as a yummy way to get a protein and sugar hit for your mid morning or afternoon snack.

Healthy Fruit & Nut Slice
as found on Best Recipes

2 Cups Sultanas
1 Cup chopped dried Apricots
1 Cup Almonds (whole or chopped)
1 Tbps plain flour (I used wholemeal)
1 Tbps milk (I didn't use this and they were fine)
2-3 Eggs, beaten (2 was enough for my mix)

Mix all ingredients together well
Press into greased slice tray (I highly recommend baking paper)
Bake at 180c for 20 minutes
Cut into squares when cool

This slice has no butter or sugar, which puts it at least 3 heads above most slice recipes, and it's also lacking in flour for anyone with an irrational fear of carbohydrates. Yes, dried fruit is very high in sugar, but you're hardly eating a chocolate bar when you're packing vitamins B1 and 2 in the sultanas, vitamin A in the apricots and loads of fibre in both. We all know how amazing almonds are with their vitamin e, oils and protein, and together they make a sort of super-slice. I wouldn't eat the whole tray in one afternoon, but portioned out over a week of snacking it's perfect.

I'll let you know how making it with other items, like oats, in the mix goes.

Stay well,
Nat x

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  1. Babes!!! Thanks for the comment on my blog it made me smile :) :) :) I love the idea of these bars!!!! YUM!!! I reckon for a naughty version you could omit the apricots and use maraschino cherries and then do a squiggle of white chocolate or dark chocolate over the top after you've cooked them. YUMMMMM