Tuesday, September 2, 2014


At the moment, the way I see it, there are two sides to the 'healthy' fence;

1 - The nutrition fanatics cramming as many nutrients into their dishes and their days as humanly possible, often eating with nutrition as first priority and everything else secondary (think kale chips, cake made of watermelon and 'super-simple' protein truffles made of 10 super-expensive elements).

2 - The other side; the people not currently as healthy and strong as they could be and wanting to get there.  Often they'll be on a meal delivery or points program, buying the low fat / low calorie items in the supermarket, trying to go for walks, buying the latest diet book and definitely reading some of the nutrition nut blogs and getting totally overwhelmed by the idea of moving from their weekly pizza fix to a cauliflower and kale impostor.  I see too often these people copping flack on the internet but they really do have the best of intentions, just not the best knowledge or skills and who can blame them?  Health, nutrition and especially weight loss is big money-making business, there's a lot of confusing information out there.  

(with a hole in it)

When I was 18 I at fast food at least 4 times a week, never did any exercise and was 20kgs heavier than I am now.

When I was 23 I never ate starchy carbs, obvious fat (cheese, cream - anything) or sugar, I was vegetarian (I eat fish now) and worked out daily (mostly twice a day).  I was 7kgs lighter than I am now.

Today I am very happy being somewhere in the middle.

This blog is focuses on that middle ground.

I want to help people see that you can be healthy without it being hard (#healthynothard)

You can get healthy ingredients from your local grocer or supermarket and they don't have to cost the earth.  You don't fail because your husband and your 3 year old want spaghetti that isn't made out of zucchini or water soluble fibre (hi, slim noodles, I am talking to you and I am definitely not eating you).  You don't have to spend $14 on a bag of flour that will make you 1.5 cakes.  If you can, or want to - great, go ahead, I do sometimes and I really admire these people that never want a big cheesy pizza (power to you!) and stalk their instagram as much as the rest of us, but there is an in between.  There is a way to not have a huge grocery budget and still eat healthy.  

All you need is a little knowledge and to learn to cook.  That's it and that's what I hope to give you a tiny bit of here.

Nat x

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  1. Finally getting around to reading other people's blogs. I love this idea of healthy not hard. I'm starting to get myself on track. Excited to read more!